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Duggar Fans Call Out Family’s Hypocrisy After Blackout Tuesday Posts

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Several members of the Duggar family participated in the #BlackoutTuesday trend on social media. This challenge requires users to post a black square on their Instagram feed. This is a way that people have chosen to show solidarity with those protesting the death of George Floyd. In addition to sharing a black square, users are encouraged to donate money, amplify Black voices, and more. Users who participate aren’t promoting themselves or posting a lot of content unrelated to the current issue. It’s a time to focus on Black voices and the state of the country.

On Tuesday, some of the Duggars shared the same black square posts. While fans are surprised that the family is participating, they are happy to see them using their large platforms well. The family is very conservative. While police brutality isn’t a bipartisan issue, more liberal voices are speaking out on the matter. But, due to the magnitude of George Floyd’s death, people with a variety of values are taking a stand. So, it makes sense that part of the family is finally saying something.

On her Instagram page, Anna Duggar shared a black square and explained that it was her son Marcus’s birthday on Tuesday. But, she refrained from sharing about his birthday. She says that she will share a post on Wednesday. While Anna waits to share about her son’s birthday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did not.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar called out for hypocrisy

On Tuesday, Jim Bob and Michelle shared a black square, as well as a caption with a bible verse. This was shared on Tuesday afternoon. Just nine hours later, the family shared a post about Marcus’ birthday. While the birthday photo is adorable and the message is sweet, fans are quick to notice the issue here.

By sharing the #BlackoutTuesday post, the family is showing solidarity. As mentioned, they aren’t necessarily supposed to post about other things while partaking. So, this is what fans have a problem with. While many of the commenters on the post are wishing Marcus a happy birthday, others think the family should have waited a day before posting. One fan writes, “I love you guys but there’s no point in posting a blackout pic if you’re continuing to post about your own life.” Another points out, “It’s still Tuesday.”

Not to mention, Marcus is seven years old and doesn’t have social media. He doesn’t know when his grandparents shared a post for his birthday. Fans point this out, saying that it’s hypocritical of the family to stop posting about Black lives, especially with the #BlackoutTuesday trend in mind.

Nonetheless, a lot of Duggar fans are happy that the family decided to speak out on a controversial issue. The family has yet to respond to the backlash over their poor timing of the birthday post.

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