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‘sMothered’: Fans React To Season 2 Of The Bizarre TLC Show

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sMothered returned for Season 2 on TLC on May 24. The show brings the usual rather bizarre relationships that grown daughters share with their moms. Way too co-dependent, most fans of the show can’t get over the sometimes uncomfortable intimacy between them. The details are already out for this week’s show on Sunday. Fans hit Twitter and talked about their reactions to the show.

sMothered moms and daughters mind-boggle viewers

TV Shows Ace reported ahead of the season, that three dues return to the show. Fans see the followup stories of Kathy and Cristina and henpecked hubby Carlo. Plus, there’s Sunhe and her daughter Angelica, who love nothing more than sharing their bathwater, or even a bath. They also enjoy sleeping together in the same bed. Dawn and Cher return to Season 2 as well. This duo expressed their delight at a gifted pee-stained pregnancy test last season.

Of the newcomers, Alena, and her mom Marcia seem very over the top. All the kissing and licking really freaks out fans. Mary and her daughter Brittani love nothing more than a shower together. In the upcoming episode of sMothered, fans see “Mary and Brittani, head to a spa for a joint colon hydrotherapy session,” People notes. They hold each other’s hands while unspeakable things go down. It’s no huge wonder then, that fans react often and sometimes with revulsion.

Fans react to the show

Over on Twitter, plenty of fans commented about the show. It only just started, but the shock and wow factors become evident in the comments. One fan wrote, “I’m watching #sMothered on @TLC and I’ve never been happier to be my mom’s…least favorite child.” One newcomer to the series expressed their surprise at what goes down. They noted, “Just stumbled upon the show #sMothered. Ummmm what the actual f–k?” Yep, the whole thing seems rather questionable, as most of the behavior seems way far from the norm, fans agree.

One critic described the show as “off the charts,” adding, ” what middle-aged mother bathes with their grown *ss daughter?” The licking and “kissy-pooh” couple, Alena and Marcia freaked out this follower: “Alena is 21, but her mom Marcia treats her like she’s five years old. The puppy morning wake up is bizarre.” Then, this fan can’t believe such people exist. They said to TLC about sMothered, “Ok. @TLC how did you find even more “interesting” pairs of moms and daughters for this new season of #smothered. I’m. In. Shock. The showering together is just too much.”

How come daughter let their moms act like this?

In the comments on Twitter, many people use question marks. Obviously, they wonder how these situations ever happened. What’s behind it all? Family Education cited Oho State University’s Dr. Hiasako M. Koizumi. Not even going as far as the extremes fans see on the show, she talks about “overprotective” moms. She described “overprotective moms” as damaging their daughters. She explains that they interfere “with normal child development.”

The daughters end up never “learning how to handle stress.” Plus, their mom’s behavior “inhibits healthy exploration.” Other outcomes mean the child gets denied “the growth of autonomy.” It “limits self-confidence and nurtures socially isolated and inadequate teenagers.” So, while the moms in sMothered might think they act out of love for the adult children, it sounds like they do them no all. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. The only one that had balls is Carlo he knows that this is not a normal mother daughter relationship what kind of girls are these??? The other one with the baby I think he is going to explode soon get rid of both of these two wackos I never heard of any of this going on

  2. With Angelica and her mother, Angelica’s mother is a Bitch that needs to be put in her place. This is a disappointment to the show it makes you want to turn it off!

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