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‘VPR’: Randall Emmett Loves The Way Lala Kent Took On A Stepmom Role

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VPR fans know that Lala Kent and Randall Emmett are head-over-heels in love. But, the coronavirus caused them to rethink their wedding plans. Plus, Lala now thinks that possibly even having their own kids should be postponed. In the meantime, she won the hearts of Randall’s kids. And, Randall loves the way she took on that step-parent role.

VPR Randall Emmett and Lala may delay raising their own kids

TV Shows Ace reported that with the coronavirus, Lala and Randall postponed their wedding. In fact, they now rethink the date again. Aside from that, Lala, while hoping for their own children, also wonders about rushing into that. Vanderpump Rules fan know that Lala really hopes for children in her life. Already, she spends a lot of time with Randall’s children, London and Rylee. But, she hopes for two more kids for herself

Whatever Lala desires, Randall also wants for her. So, he’s got no issues with more children. The VPR star seems very keen for a future as a mom. And, she gets some mothering experience with Randall’s children. The two kids really took to Lala and Randall admits that considering her age, she does very well. He loves the way she took on her stepmom role. He talked about it with US Weekly in an exclusive interview.

Lala loves Randall’s kids like her own

Randall told the outlet that the Vanderpump Rules star “loves [his kids] like her own.” He seems blown away at the way she took it on. He noted that friends and acquaintances often told him that step-parenting really brings a lot of challenges. In fact, Randall feels “very blessed.” His children love Lala and she returns that emotion. Sometimes, he feels that Lala’s marvelous with them. As an example, he talked about how he needn’t always rush home for them.

Randall said, “I’ll be at the office now working and I’ll say, “Oh s—t, I got to get home.’ And she’s like, ‘Babe, me and the girls are going swimming and after we’re cooking hot dogs, so just take your time.'” Naturally, he feels very “lucky” that the VPR star takes them under her wing. And, he feels sometimes he probably “takes it for granted.” Randall added that he feels very “blessed.” He feels that she stepped up as “partner” and as a stepmom.

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VPR star Lala still young

Actually Lala is still quite young and many VPR fan she behaves with amazing maturity these days. Plenty of skeptics never really thought the couple could possibly work. And, lots of haters accused her of just wanting his money and lifestyle. However, when it comes to step-parenting, she seems fully into taking on that responsibility. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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