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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Lawson Bates Ends Up At The ER

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Bringing Up Bates fans know that Gil Bates sometimes hurts himself. In fact, he ended up needing shoulder surgery. His son Lawson Bates, more often known for feathers in his cap, seldom ends up in the hospital. However, he now told his fans he ended up in the ER this weekend with a concussion.

Bringing Up Bates – Lawson is an achiever and might take after his dad Gil Bates

Lawson often gets lauded by his family as he achieves success. He also helps with rescue efforts and dedicates his time to children. TV Shows Ace reported in April, that he added another feather to his cap when he qualified as a pilot. It certainly seems that Lawson, an eligible bachelor, succeeds at everything he attempts. But, when he qualified as a pilot, some people suggested he stop his “adventuring” and settle down with a life partner. Many of them hoped he stayed safe in the sky.

Well, if Lawson’s anything like his dad, Gil, he should perhaps consider their advice. After all, fans of Bringing Up Bates know his dad’s a bit accident-prone. Knox News reported in November last year, that fans would see Gil in hospital as he injured his shoulder. In Season 9, that all came to pass. It seems that Gil’s competitive nature got him into trouble at a youth camp. Now, his son Lawson also ended up in the ER.

Lawson Bates won’t reveal the cause of his accident yet

Lawson took to his official Facebook account and shared a short video about his visit to the ER. Actually, he looked a bit embarrassed. He said that he experienced a mishap and he feels a bit woozy still. The video showed he injured his head or neck. But, as he still feels a bit out of it, he won’t reveal the details until he can “think straight.”  Naturally, his Facebook fans hoped that he’s okay and await more news about it. Later, he shared the same story to his Instagram account. In his Stories, he lay on a gurney. On his main IG post, many fans commented about his accident.


Bringing up Bates lawson IG
Lawson Bates | Instagram Stories

One Bringing Up Bates fan noted that so many of them asked what happened. They wrote, “Folks, chill out HE SAID HE WILL TELL US LATER, haha no need to ask since he clearly said he will tell us later haha so chill the heck out [and] STOP ASKING WHAT HAPPENED lol 😜👍.”

But many Bringing Up Bates fans just hope Lawson recovers fully and lots of them pray for that. Once again, fans suggested he slow down, stop his adventuring, and settle down. Do you think his adventuring will really stop? Sound off in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about the cast of Bringing Up Bates.

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