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‘Bachelor’: Peter Weber’s Mom Barb Poses With Kelley Flanagan, ‘Girls Rock’

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Bachelor fans know that in the world of Peter Weber, you don’t get to choose your own life-partner. Barb, Peter Weber’s mom didn’t like Madison but seems fond of Kelley Flanagan. However, while she got loads of critics, fans feel that Barb just knows her son and wanted him to make the right choice. Now, she shared a photo of herself with Kelley and captioned it with “Girls Rock.”

Bachelor – with both parents in favor, Peter and Kelley look good to go

TV Shows Ace reported that Kelley’s mom “loves” Pilot Pete. That news came when a fan asked Kelly if her mom approves ofย  Peter. Well, she met him, and she “loves” him, Kelley replied. In that post, Peter’s mom Barb also commented, saying she hoped that soon the two moms could meet up. Hopefully the two moms get along when they meet. And, they might well become friends. Both of them look like good sports.

Barb dances and sings and enjoys playing around with her sons. From her Instagram, Kelly’s mom enjoys the outdoors, fishing, and relaxing with the kids. Barb occasionally made small references to her approval of Kelley Flanagan. However, her post this weekend really looked like a huge stamp of approval. The Bachelor mom shared two photos in one Instagram post and stamped it with, “Girls rock.”

‘Girls Rock’ post by Peter Weber’s mom, Barb

Fans who still hope they might one day see Peter’s brother Jack on the ABC franchise can stop hoping now. It looks like he’s already taken by someone named Kristine. Her mom, Karoline commented on Barb’s post when a fan asked if Jack’s engaged. She described her daughter as a “beautiful” girl and explained she’s Jack’s “girlfriend.” And, it sounds pretty serious between them. So, right now, both of Barb’s sons look taken, ladies.

The other picture in the post showed Barb with Kristine. US Weekly reminds readers that Peter sent Kelley home in Week 7. Later, he proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss, then broke it off in favor of Madison. Madison and Peter only lasted a few days before they also split. Many Bachelor critics felt the relationship was doomed as Barb made it publicly known she hated the idea of Madison. From a mom with two bachelor sons, it now seems that soon she might look forward to two weddings and grandchildren.

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Fans comment n the ‘Girls Rock’ post by Barb

Some comments on Barb’s Instagram post seem rather wistful. Many fans wish she raised more than two sons. But mostly, lots of approval from fans shows up there. It seems that much of the hate Barb got during The Bachelor show disappeared as critics moved on. Plenty of fans noted that they think Barb makes for the perfect mother-in-law.

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