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Does Jeremy Vuolo Play With Felicity When Cameras Aren’t Rolling?

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Some followers of the Duggar family suspect Jeremy Vuolo has little to do with his daughter Felicity when cameras aren’t rolling.

Does Jeremy Vuolo spend time playing with Felicity? Some critics don’t think so.

Reality TV has long been debated as being far from reality. But, most members of the Duggar family are extremely active on social media. Now, Counting On fans can still argue they only see what the poster wants them to see. But, that still doesn’t stop critics from forming opinions based on what they see.

As we’ve previously reported, Duggar Snarks are NOT fans of the Counting On family. They do, however, follow them just as much as fans. In fact, Duggar Snarks love to hate the family. A large portion of the time, Duggar Snark information tends to be fairly accurate. They just look at the Duggar family through a much more judgmental scope.

Jeremy recently shared a video of himself playing soccer with Felicity.

Jeremy Vuolo recently treated his Instagram followers to a few videos of himself playing soccer with Felicity. Unfortunately, the videos were posted on his Instagram Story and they’ve already expired. Now, the video did feature Jeremy playing with his daughter. But, critics were quick to dissect the video. And, they took some pretty big issues with it.

According to a thread on the Duggar Snark subreddit, Jeremy wasn’t really interested in interacting with his daughter. In fact, the original poster insisted the video was of a man who never really played with this child.

This man does not interact with his child when the camera is off. from DuggarsSnark

Why did so many people think this was a video of a man that didn’t play with his child? Well, it had a lot to do with how he interacted with her. Jeremy Vuolo wasn’t simply having a good time enjoying playing soccer with Felicity. He was too focused on making sure she was doing a good job playing soccer. Many speculated he probably didn’t care if she was actually having fun.

Critics of the family formed a lot of opinions about the video.

Upvoted nearly 100 times, the thread on Reddit had a few dozen comments. Unfortunately for Jeremy Vuolo, no one had good things to say about the video. In fact, here’s some of what they did have to say:

  • “He’s going to be the soccer dad that makes his daughter hate soccer. While the other little kids are just having fun kicking the ball around, he’ll be there with semi-pro gear showing her the mechanics of kicking the ball properly and yelling at her when she wants to play with the other kids because they’re having fun.”
  • “This is not the body language of a dad who cheers his kid on, plays with her, has fun. He’s focused on her kicking the ball, not enjoying the game. How sad.”

Many feared that if Felicity took an interest in competitive sports her life would be miserable.

So, do you think Jeremy Vuolo plays with Felicity when cameras aren’t rolling? Is he being too critical of her?

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