Trailer released for final season of 13 Reasons Why

’13 Reasons Why’ Final Season Trailer Reveals Clay Struggling With His Secrets

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As fans head towards the final season of the series 13 Reasons Why it looks like secrets are likely to come out at Liberty High School. Netflix has released a tense trailer for the upcoming final season, where Justin tells Clay not to “freak out.” This isn’t made any easier by the fact someone has painted the words “Monty was framed” on the doors of the school.

Netflix releases thrilling trailer for 13 Reasons Why

As the trailer opens, we see Justin (Brandon Flynn), Clay (Dylan Minnette) and their friends standing in the hallway and staring. Justin tells Clay not to freak out. Soon after this, the reason why they might do just that is revealed. Someone has spray-painted the words “Monty was framed” over the doors of the school.

Drama ensues on 13 Reasons Why
Drama ensues at Liberty High School on 13 Reasons Why [Image Netflix/YouTube]
As noted by E! News, as their senior year starts, the kids are trying to keep the secrets under wraps. However, there are so many tying these secrets together, this may not be possible. Meanwhile, the pressure mounts around Montgomery de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos) relating to the murder of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice).

In the trailer, Jessica (Alisha Boe) says, “What if they’re watching all of us?” A good question indeed. This is while Clay struggles with all the many secrets he has kept during the last three seasons of 13 Reasons Why. The question is whether Clay can graduate and move on from all the drama. Meanwhile, Justin asks Clay, “At some point, isn’t it, like, enough is enough?”

Netflix teases they will have to keep a dangerous secret buried

The story has come a long way since Hannah (Katherine Langford) felt pushed to take her own life. In the first season of 13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen finds a mysterious box on his porch. The box contains 13 tapes, in which Hannah explains the 13 reasons why she took her life and how he was involved in that.

Hannah Baker of 13 Reasons Why
Hannah Baker of 13 Reasons Why [Image Netflix/YouTube]
In a synopsis for the new trailer, Netflix writes that the crew of friends needs to band together one last time. Before they can say goodbye from Liberty High, they must try to make peace for what has happened over the past four years. They will go on to face “final, heartbreaking choices” that could alter their lives forever.

The final season of 13 Reasons Why also features Grace Saif, Miles Heizer, Ross Butler, Christian Navarro, Anne Winters, Devin Druid, Tyler Barnhardt, Deaken Bluman, Inde Navarrette, Austin Aaron, Steven Weber, RJ Brown, Amy Hargreaves, Brenda Strong, Mark Pellegrino, Josh Hamilton, and Jan Luis Castellanos.

Catch the trailer below. Fans can watch the final season of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix from Friday, June 5.


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