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‘VPR’: Jax Taylor Feels Editing Ruined Season 8

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VPR star Jax Taylor had a lot to say on Twitter as the main season of the Bravo show wraps. But, that’s normal, and Jax being Jax. However, he might have a good point this year. He feels that season 8 got ruined by the editing and only focused on petty drama. Plus, fans already know that one of the Vanderpump Rules editors got fired over Scheana Shay.

VPR Season 8 seemed lackluster and petty with editing, Jax feels

Season 8 promised a lot of new stuff with new cast members. However, it seemed that the show focused more on the usual squabbles and bickering. Actually, the pettiness of it seems a shame, given the rather diverse cast. One of the major scandals that rocked Vanderpump Rules this season, involved an editor getting fired. TV Shows Ace reported that fans got so angry they started a movement on social media to get rid of Bri Dellinger.

The VPR editor even said that she gave “Scheana an embarrassing edit.” Actually, she edited it so that it implied that “Scheana was hitting on Stassi Schroeder’s 15-year-old brother.” Notably, Bri made her apology only to offset that with the fact that the next editor will do the same thing.

It’s part of Bravo’s “culture” with the show, she noted. Meanwhile, Jax Taylor’s got issues with that as well. The veteran cast member mentioned the lackluster and petty editing on his Twitter.

Jax Taylor goes off about editing and the new cast in season 8 of Vanderpump Rules

US Weekly noticed that Jax tweeted a lot about the show. Over on his twitter, he mentioned, “Brittany and I, as well as the rest of the cast, shot so much fun footage that never aired. All they want to see is arguing, Really sad they didn’t show any of that this season. Wasted so much time on pointless in the moment fighting.”

Talking about the new VPR cast, he noted, “Just for the record, the OG cast does not argue like this anymore.”

Additionally, he said, “don’t know what happened this season. I personally think there are just too many people on the show, too many story lines to follow so things didn’t make a lot of sense. In my opinion.”

Jax and Brittany also seem to have gotten some bad editing

Fans saw a lot of drama between Jax and Brittany this season as well. Actually, it makes fans of VPR suspect their marriage fell on the rocks already. However, Jax also talked about that, saying, “Stop reading into it..it’s a tv show, are we supposed to sit around and braid each other’s hair? Just laugh or not and move on, Brittany and I are amazing. About to celebrate our [first] anniversary and our first year in our home.” Jax also talked about them, mentioning the words “blessed and happy.”

What do you think about Jax Taylor’s opinion of VPR‘s editing and the new cast? Do you agree with him? Sound off in the comments below.

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