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Duggar Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Jessa Seewald’s Latest Video

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Jessa Seewald shared a Instagram video that featured her son Spurgeon Elliot cooking chicken noodle soup. Jessa was presumably holding the camera while Spurgeon took the lead. In addition to cooking, Spurgeon was also very verbal in the video. He explained the steps he took during the cooking process.

Duggar fans experienced a wealth of emotions watching Spurgeon cook.

The video kicked off with Spurgeon demonstrating how to wash celery properly. Then, fans watched Spurgeon cut the stock of celery on a blue cutting board with his brother Henry standing next to him. Henry was holding a purple bowl. While chopping up the celery, Spurgeon continued to explain what he was doing. He was extremely careful as he seemed to be a pro with the knife.

Spurgeon also explained they were going to use a slow cooker to stir the ingredients in and cook everything slowly. He referred to it as a “slow pot.”

Henry and Spurgeon used the small purple bowl to house the chopped celery.

Surprisingly, the knife was then passed to Henry who also chopped up some of the celery. Jessa noted in a caption on the video that Henry was new to chopping and still learning to master the skill.

Jessa Seewald’s Instagram followers had a lot of mixed feelings about the video.

It goes without saying that this was a pretty controversial video for Jessa Seewald to post. Fans assumed Jessa had to expect a little bit of backlash. After all, allowing children to wield knives is generally frowned upon. Jessa Seewald was clearly in the room with her sons though. And, it was also apparent she had done her part to coach her sons on how to properly use the knife.

Still, here’s some of what her followers had to say:

  • “Teaching them how to use a knife correctly is definitely an amazing skill and I love that you likely thought about the bashing you’d get but wanted to share it anyhow and this is exactly the kind of content I wanna see right now ! (Also boys cooking is awesome to see regardless because of all the stereotypes).”
  • “I was holding on to my seat when he had the knife but he handled it well.”
  • “Anxiety inducing but he did great.”
  • Oh my gosh. My nerves seeing that kid with a knife.”
  • “Great to let the children help,,but letting them use that big knife is a little scary.”
  • “It’s great that you have the boys so interested in cooking and helping out. Please use a smaller paring knife for chopping. I was so nervous watching this.”

To everyone’s surprise, there didn’t appear to be much criticism in the comments. Many, however, admitted the video made them extremely anxious. There were a few that begged Jessa to consider using a smaller knife when allowing her sons to do the chopping.

Spurgeon received a lot of praise in the comments.

Overall, Duggar fans see great things in Chef Spurgeon’s future. While many found the video to give them a touch of anxiety, they still appreciated the adorable footage.

So, what are your thoughts on Jessa Seewald allowing her boys to use a knife to chop celery? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


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