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Hannah Brown’s Appearance Attacked On Older Instagram Post

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Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown has really stepped in it this time. And, it unfortunately doesn’t seem as though Instagram is done ridiculing her just yet.

Instagram users attack Hannah Brown in older post.

On April 18th, Hannah Brown posted a snapshot of herself rocking a snug white tank-style crop top and matching shorts. Noticeably, the reality TV personality didn’t look like her usual glamorous self in the photo. Sure, the outfit still allowed her to show off her banging body. But, she kept things relatively simple in the make-up department. And, she had her hair pulled back into a basic pony tail. While she didn’t necessarily look bad in the photo, it certainly didn’t look like the other photos on her profile.

“I’ve definitely fallen victim of letting the boredom get the best of me, but getting out of bed and getting my body moving each day has been crucial to my sanity,” Hannah penned in the caption. She was clearly just trying to make the best of the COVID-19 pandemic and lock down at the time of the picture.

A quick browse through the comments of the post reveals one thing. Some of her Instagram followers are NOT happy with her. While the post is over a month old, she has comments from as little as 24 hours ago. And a lot of them are not very pretty.

What are they saying in the comments of the post?

For whatever reason, some of Hannah Brown’s followers have decided to attack her appearance. And, they used her lack of glamour and basic athletic wear as the perfect target. Here’s some of what people are saying in the comments:

  • “OMG, you look like a middle-aged mom. Woof!”
  • “She looks like a middle-aged mother after 4 kids.”
  • “You look to be in your 40s already.”
  • No body at all smh.”

Not everyone is rushing to bring Hannah Brown down though. Some of her fans were quick to come to her defense in the comments. Those who defended her called out those trashing her. They questioned what was to gain by leaving such nasty comments. Here’s what some of those defending her had to say:

  • “Get a life. IF you’re going to attack her then I guess you’re going to have to attack most of BN.”
  • “It’s your mind that is skewed. There is so much more to a person than their appearance. At least she is genuine and not some fake who has to get all gussied up and use filters every time they post a picture. Her message is more about trying to stay active and motivated during Quarantine time.”
  • “Just curious….What positive feeling do you get out of this comment? I’m sure most positive, happy people don’t just scroll and spread hate…Just curious if you need a little light in your life!?”

Why is Hannah Brown being attacked?

Unfortunately, this negativity is the aftermath of Hannah Brown singing a song with the “N-word” in the lyrics. People are on the fence about whether what she did was wrong. More over, they are also on the fence with whether her apology via Instagram Stories was sufficient enough.

Her most recent Instagram post is also riddled with negativity.

Hannah Brown’s most recent Instagram post is also filled with negativity. It, however, does not appear as if they’ve taken to many of her other posts to criticize and bring her down.

So, do you feel bad for Hannah Brown or do you think she deserves the criticism? Sound off in the comments!

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