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‘7 Little Johnstons’: Fans Slam The Family For The Way They Treat Anna, But She Loves College


7 Little Johnstons shows that Anna Marie goes off to college in the current season. Of all the kids, she seems to clash with her parents the most. Now, fans see her getting a lot of heat from the whole family about it. And, fans slammed them all on Twitter. But on her Instagram, Anna says she’s fine now, and she actually loves college.

7 Little Johnstons – Anna and the college backstory

Ahead of the current season of the TLC show, we reported about Anna and her college training. We reminded fans that Anna clashed with her parents, Trent and Amber a lot. In 2o17, they expressed their disapproval as she wanted to work in hair and beauty. Then came the big drama when she took driving lessons. Trent and Amber felt they couldn’t trust her to behave responsibly. Them in 2018, fans heard all about the shock and horror that Anna met with a boy in her room at a hotel.

But in the last season, Anna seemed more in line with the daughter Trent and Amber hoped for. In fact, on Instagram, Trent wrote about how excited the 7 Little Johnstons family feel about her college days. He wrote, “These two right here have been busy all summer planning for this day. This Momma has years of hard work and love in this young lady. Anna Marie, we cannot wait to watch you become a teacher!” But in the new season, Anna seems rather unhappy.

Fans slam the family over Anna

During the latest episode of the show, Anna spoke about unhappy she felt. In fact, she mentioned that she felt scared about going off. Plus, she also felt terrible unhappy as she couldn’t choose her own college. But fans think the family just didn’t care about her feelings. Angry fans took to Twitter and had their say about it. One irate fan wrote, “You could have allowed anna to pick her college and whether or not she lived on campus and what her major is. You are discounting her feelings and coming across as abusive parents. Anna is an adult. Treat her with respect!!”

Then another 7 Little Johnstons critic commented, “It feels like Anna is the whipping boy for this entire family. Everything is always her fault, her feelings are discounted and she’s never given the benefit the doubt like Jonah and Elizabeth. I feel for her.” Some fans think the family metes out different treatment to Anna compared to the other kids. This comment summed up a lot of fans’ feelings: “I love the …family. But them making choices for Anna and the treatment towards her during the whole entire series is very different than they treat the rest of the kids.”

Anna says she loves college

Ahead of the 7 Little Johnstons episode, Anna gave out a bit of a spoiler on the show. She shared on Instagram, “Spoiler Alert: I actually love college & staying in a dorm.” So, it seems that it all worked out in the end.

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