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‘7 Little Johnstons’: Anna Feels ‘Shipped Off,’ Elizabeth Gets ‘Cringey-Cozy’

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As much as fans love 7 Little Johnstons, they are also unafraid to speak their mind when they think Trent and Amber are going too far or taking a double standard.   In this week’s May 19 episode, “That’s Cringey,” the two eldest 7 Little Johnstons daughters contend with pushing limits, and their parents’ very different tactics.  To say that their public’s opinion is loud is a huge understatement, as TV Shows Ace has already featured.

7 Little Johnstons don’t give Anna any leeway in leaving for college

Anna Marie Johnston is in tears through several profile interviews in this 7 Little Johnstons installment.  She reflects on how “scared” she truly is of the whole experience. And, how she never had a choice in the circumstances.

She reiterates her feelings that her parents want to “ship me off.” And purposely chose to enroll her at North Georgia Technical College, which is over two hours away from home.  Despite seeing their daughter’s apprehension, Trent and Amber remain committed to their decision.  They are sure that leaving the nest will foster the independence they know Anna can develop.

When Anna and Amber visit the campus to pre-enroll, Anna doesn’t hide her disdain.  She continues to protest that she had no choice in coming there, and of course, less choice in the timing of her classes.  Anna has decided on working with children as her career path. And, the family pays another visit to the favorite therapist on the 7 Little Johnstons, Dr. Galen Cole. The visit was to try to give Anna an added boost before her first day of college classes.

Dr. Galen hears Anna out on 7 Little Johnstons

Right off the bat, Dr. Galen Cole brings up how Anna feels shipped off. And, how she had no say in this situation whatsoever.  Trent can hardly wait to jump in and defend the parental position. And, how Amber describes that “it’s all paid for before you even open a book.”

Just as he did during the session of hearing Jonah’s frustrations with too many family responsibilities… Dr, Cole silences mom and dad to let Anna get all her feelings out.  Trent wants to compare the moment to being on the diving board. And, either letting the fear or the excitement of accomplishment take over.  Dr. Cole chooses not to focus on any of the past with Anna. Instead he focuses on accepting her challenges “one at a time.” And, with confidence that she will do “great things.”  A smile finally came to her face by the end of the 7 Little Johnstons visit.

Elizabeth gets to talk it out with her dad

Part of the backlash from fans over this 7 Little Johnstons situation is that Elizabeth went overboard on her choice of PDA in the living room with Brice. And, Trent and Amber were willing to “talk to her about” what they called a “cringey” display of being “horizontal” on the couch.  Emma and Alex witnessed the behavior. And, that was the reason for Trent’s intercession.

The 7 Little Johnstons dad explained the dilemma. He pointed out that what if Elizabeth and Brice been on a date was different than what was appropriate in the family room.  Elizabeth accepted the perspective. But, not without protest. She added that her parents did “the same thing.”  She also went on a three-point rant in her profile interview. She closed with “and Nana told me what you did (meaning her parents) when you were young.”

Elizabeth informed Brice of the new precautions. And, he seemed fine with abiding by them.

Fans certainly didn’t feel that Anna would have survived such an outburst after having “a talk” over her feelings, and that’s the rub.

The good news is that Anna is happy and growing more independent each day at college. And she is probably very happy that her parents gave her the push.  Hopefully, she holds onto the promise that her parents love her “gazillions” as Trent promised at her high school graduation party.

One more golden quote from this 7 Little Johnstons leaves a smile.  Trent reflects that “Talking about your kids before bed makes you not want to make any more kids.”

The kids were back to normal in the newly-completed kitchen, splashing water everywhere and being told to clean up!

7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesday on TLC.

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