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Troll Criticizes ‘OutDaughtered’ Star Adam Busby For Posting Selfie

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Adam Busby, his wife Danielle, and their children have been enjoying the extra hot Texas summer heat. They’ve also been enjoying the massive pool in their back yard. And, their kids have been enjoying their huge swing set.

Adam Busby treated followers to a rare snap of himself.

As those who follow Adam Busby on Instagram know… About 85 percent of what he posts on his profile is videos and snapshots of his children. Nearly 10 percent of what he posts his of his beautiful wife Danielle. And, around five perfect of his media content actually features himself. It’s actually pretty rare that followers enjoy a selfie that only features Adam Busby. So, most considered seeing such a gorgeous photo of the father of six a true blessing.

The gorgeous selfie featured a shirtless, muscular Adam Busby rocking a large sun hat. The clear rippling blue pool water was visible in the background. OutDaughtered fans could also see Danielle Busby skimming the surface of the water to keep it nice and clean for the family.

Danielle Busby even jested in the comments that she wasn’t sure when she became Adam Busby’s “pool girl.” The comment was liked many times as many OutDaughtered fans found her humor to be hilarious.

One follower didn’t care for the selfie of Adam Busby.

While most OutDaughtered fans were thrilled to see a gorgeous selfie of Adam Busby… They did not all feel this way. Adam Busby had one follower who didn’t care for the selfie. In fact, they blasted daddy Busby for posting content featuring himself on his profile.

“Look. I love your show and love the pictures of your sweet girls; but do you like looking at yourself?” The individual penned.

Does posting a selfie make Adam Busby conceited? This individual certainly seemed to think so.

As those who follow Adam Busby know, he isn’t one to let trolls get away with criticizing him. This morning, he was quick to clap back. Busby crucified the individual.

“If [I] didn’t like to look at myself I’d probably be one of those miserable people that spent my day trolling people on social media to feel better about myself. I taking photos and posting photos of my kids too, that’s why 90% of my personal feed is of them. I love myself and my wife and my family as a whole, so if you can’t accept that, then kindly kick rocks…”

His followers agreed with his response to the troll.

Many of his followers found the criticism baffling. They noted this was Adam’s Instagram profile. Shouldn’t he be able to post selfies on his own profile without being judged?

“This is his Instagram page. Not the page for the show,” one individual clapped back at the troll.

Another chimed in: “Sorry, but this is such a stupid comment….does he like looking at himself? Well, first of all, taking selfie with his wife, doesnt mean, he likes to look at himself. Its just a nice [memory]. This is one of many reasons why we take photos. Second, even if he likes to look at him self, there is nothing wrong with that. You have to love yourself first so you can love others. If you are not happy with yourself and you hide yourself behind pictures of others than you cant be happy for others too. Its just that simple. So I [truly] think, only one having problem here is you.”

While Adam Busby has always made it clear he will not tolerate trolls… His followers made it clear they will quickly come to his defense.

So, were you surprised to see Adam Busby post a selfie on his profile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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