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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Unanimously Think Riley Looks Like Her Dad Adam When He Was A Kid

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OutDaughtered fans think that these days, Riley and her sister Parker look a lot alike as they grow older. Meanwhile, Riley looks like her dad, Adam Busby’s fans agree. Adam shared a throwback photo of himself aged five.  The quints just turned five, so he asked fans which quint they think looks like him. Almost unanimously, fans agreed that Riley’s a dead ringer for her dad. Do you think they got it right?

OutDaughtered – Throwback photo of five-year-old Adam

On Friday, Adam took to his Instagram and shared a photo of himself. It’s the sort of picture that probably makes people wish kids never grow up. He really looked so cute, and many fans commented on that. In an interactive sort of mood, he asked fans, “Which of the kids look like 5 year old me?” Well, fans love nothing more than an opportunity to participate. Overwhelmingly, they voted that Riley looks like him.

Notably, one or two people mentioned Parker Kate. That’s also no huge surprise though. TV Shows Ace reported that Danielle said many OutDaughtered fans confuse Riley and Parker these days. It seems that as she grows older, Paker looks a lot like her sister. And, as she’s also a bit of an aspiring “boss,” her attitude shows in her body language, as well. Looking far more confident these days, Parker takes a great interest in her mom running her businesses.

Adam and the quints comparison

To allow you a chance to decide which quint looks like Adam, we put up a collage which you can see below. A tiny minority of people suggested that the twin, Ava also looks like Adam.

OutDaughtered Adam and quints
Adam Busby and the quints – Adam Busby | Instagram

Which quint looks the most like Danielle Busby?

Well, if fans enjoyed the game choosing which quint looks like Adam, why not also decide which one looks the most like their mom Danielle? Naturally, all kids take on some characteristics from each parent. Interestingly, The Tech Interactive notes that each child gets the same amount of genes from their parents. That means a child has a “good chance” of looking like mom or dad or a bit of both of them. But in some instances, they might inherit their appearance from a more distant relative like a grandparent.

Nevertheless, sometimes on rare occasions, the likeness simply can’t be seen at all. That’s what makes “genetics so interesting.” Take a look at the same collage below and decide which quint you think looks the most like OutDaughtered mom, Danielle.

OutDaughtered Danielle and quints
OutDaughtered Danielle and quints – Image credits Adam Busby | Instagram

While fans know the dead ringer for her mom is actually big sister Blayke, do you agree that out of all the quints, possibly the OutDaughtered twin Olivia might look the most like her mom? Sound off your opinions in the comments below.

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