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Duggar: Amy King A Bit Overwhelmed Juggling Her Business And Being A Mom

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Duggar cousin, Amy King took some heat recently from critics. Actually, she’s far more liberal in her outlook to life, much to the disappointment of Jim Bob. So, quite why she gets so much hate over her parenting seems a bit perplexing. Now, it seems she really struggles with juggling being a mom and running her business.

Duggar critics slam Amy King – no kindness from trolls about her parenting during COVID-19

TV Shows Ace reported that Amy took a lot of heat recently. Actually, across the internet, articles pop up showing her being slammed for various baby things. Something that trends on social media these days, is the need to be nice and loving during the pandemic. But sadly, it seems few people care about the humanitarian side of things. Trolls still slam every reality TV star they can, it seems. And, Amy’s no exception.

This time, they slammed her as she complained about listening to the “melodies of the song baby shark” over and over again. Well, critics of the Duggar family felt that she could always change the television or the music. After all, her son’s still only six months old. Critics accused her of “seeking attention.” But, actually, Mom 365 recommends playing music to inspire your baby. They explain that even little kids can learn to “appreciate all arts that touch the human spirit.” Maybe Amy, a first-time mom, just thinks kiddy music’s the best thing for him to listen to.

Amy struggled with her business and her baby

Well, perhaps Amy’s well aware of the hate she gets. In a recent Instagram Story, she spoke about her business. Like so many other business owners, COVID-19 brings added pressure in that area. She apologized and hoped people didn’t think she shared it just to plug her business. Amy noted that she’s aware people hate that. But she certainly sounded a bit flustered as she talked about her problems.

In a way, it’s amazing that she shares her problems with fans, given all the critics. Amy said in her Instagram Story clips, that her mind’s “going a million miles an hour.” She’s trying to get so much done. Sadly, her manager’s sister “passed away suddenly.” Amy “rushed to the store.” She said it’s “been crazy.” The Duggar cousin explained, “it’s a lot being a mom.” And, as fans know, it takes a lot running a business.

Hopefully, sharing her pressure with her fans won’t bring out too many Duggar trolls. After all, at least she broke away from the life her cousins live, some fans think. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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