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‘VPR’ Fans Slam Jax Taylor For Rethinking His Marriage To Brittany

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VPR fans send a lot of heat Jax Taylor’s way this season. In the previous episode of Vanderpump Rules, fans slammed him for acting crazy” and some accused him of being a “coke head.” Now, he seems to think that he rushed into marriage with Brittany, and fans slammed him again.

VPR – last week fans saw Brittany apologize as Jax acted crazy

Season 8 of the show brings a strange attitude from Jax Taylor. Married now, fans hoped that he’d ease off the rage and tantrums of the past. But, he seems just as bad as ever. TV Shows Ace reported that in the previous episode Jax got a lot of hate from fans because he admitted he takes Adderall. Some fans think his unstable temper could indicate that he uses coke. It came when he went off at “Max Boyens just because he suggested a beach cleanup.”

Actually, he also irritated fans for claiming mental health issues soon after dissing Ariana Maddix for suffering from the same thing. At one stage, Brittany ended up apologizing for Jax. We noted that VPR fans think that’s a bad sign. Fans of Vanderump Rules also saw Tom Sandoval saying Jax carries on in the same old typical fashion. He suggested in a confessional that Jax just seeks “attention.” Well, hopefully it’s all just attention-seeking and not signs that his marriage might end up in the rocks, VPR fans wonder.

Jax rethinks his marriage, wonders if he rushed into it

During Tuesday’s episode of the show, Jax talked with Stassi Schroeder. Like many fans of the show, Stassi also thinks that Jax acts like he’s lost his mind these days. Well, Jax didn’t deny it and said that he actually feel a bit “crazy.”  Well, she tried reasoning with him and spoke about how he and Brittany made a wonderful home together. Actually some fans would love living in his nice house and lifestyle. But Jax denied he’s actually happy. He insinuated he feels bad, and sort of tries making Brittany happy.

In fact, the VPR star told Stassi he’s having some doubts about marrying Brittany at all. Actually, he worries that Brittany might take his unhappiness and think she made him that way. He went on about how in the past he cheated and made people unhappy, but he felt rather unaffected by it all. That came after Stassi agreed that Jax could very well push Brittany away. In fact, she thinks that Jax is really doing a good job at “self-sabotaging” himself.

Fans react to Jax rethinking his marriage

Over on Twitter, fans hated the idea that Jax felt he might have rushed into marriage They seemed especially concerned that he talked about cheating. Many of them think it’s a red flag and probably he will cheat on Brittany. After all, it won’t be the first time. One critic commented, “I can’t blame Brittany for thinking Jax is cheating on her again when he’s behaving like he did before.
I hope Jax hasn’t cheated on her since Faith & he won’t cheat on her again.”

Another VPR fan noted, “Jax steals sunglasses, cheats on Brittany, rage texts, makes rude comments about Ariana, cancels people to his dumb pool party.” They also noted that Jax probably blames the “editing” for the Bravo show. Then, another person commented, “Ugh. So many problems! Jax is never going to change, that’s why he’s acting out, bc he’s playing the part of husband. He isn’t the “settle down” kinda guy. I guarantee he will cheat again, prob with the fitness instructor…& she’ll forgive him.” 

It looks like Jax and Brittany both get dissed on for marrying. Actually, many VPR fans feel rather sad that things don’t pan out as they hoped. Others seem concerned because they heard the couple try for kids. If their marriage is already in trouble, maybe they should just hold off for a while. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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