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‘Total Bellas’ New Episode Nikki Bella’s Negative Pregnancy Test

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A new episode of Total Bellas is now showing that Nikki Bella was not always so excited at the thought of having a child. It appears she had a pregnancy scare before conceiving her now on the way baby.

Total Bellas sneak peek

According to People, Nikki is taking a pregnancy test in a sneak peek of Thursday’s episode of Total Bellas. Her sister Brie Bella is on the phone, along with her then-boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev and mom both gathered nearby. Nikki is then seen anxiously awaiting the test results.

Brie makes a joke to lighten the mood implying she and her husband would adopt Nikki’s baby. She said, “We came up with the perfect name, Artemis ‘Dick’ Danielson.”

The joke got a laugh from everyone, but the mood flipped when the test results were ready to be reviewed.

Artem then announces to everyone, “It’s negative.”

Different reactions from the pair

The couple was asked about their reaction to the news that Nikki was not pregnant. Turns out each of them had very different feelings.

Nikki admitted to feeling relieved and happy, while Artem said he felt “bummed.”

The Total Bellas star’s boyfriend (now fiancé) went on to say, “It’s a bit sad. I do want to have a family. I actually really do think of that future with this woman. It sucks because it was kind of like a slight hope for something that I do know I want, and it’s negative.”

Nikki then went on to share her point of view. She said that she wasn’t ready for that big of a change in their lives. She added, “I love our life how it is now.”

But, as fans now know Nikki did become pregnant later on and is still currently pregnant.

Nikki and Artem and the baby

Nikki Bella announced her engagement with Artem Chigvintsev in January and the two couldn’t be happier.

But, unfortunately, she has had to miss out on some traditional first-time parent milestones due to the current pandemic. She is missing out on those little things like parenting classes with her fiancé and her own baby shower.

In spite of being pregnant during this difficult time, Nikki has thankfully shared that she and her baby are both healthy.

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