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‘Bachelor’ Alum Bekah Martinez Shares Plans For Home Birth

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It’s getting closer for another baby to be born into Bachelor Nation. Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez is really excited to welcome her second child into the world. She and boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, announced the pregnancy in November 2019. Now, her June due date is getting close. Bekah is doing things just a little different this time around, as far as labor and delivery. Find out what she has planned for the arrival of her son.

Bekah talks about upcoming birth of her son

US Weekly shared details about Bekah’s pregnancy and upcoming birth plan. When Bekah had Ruth in February 2019, she delivered her at a birthing center. However, even at the birthing center she had a natural water birth.

With her son, Bekah and Grayson decided to plan the birth at home. Midwives will be there assisting mom and baby through the process. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it all is working out well so far.

Bekah said, “This time, [my boyfriend,Grayston Leonard, and I] decided we were going to do a home birth with midwives. So that was already the plan. Now with quarantine and COVID-19, it’s kind of nice that I don’t have to be at the hospital.”

The coronavirus is changing so many things on a daily basis so she is thankful her birth plan is not one of them. Bekah even jokes that perhaps Bachelor Nation thinks she’s a little less crazy this time around.

What does baby Ruth think about the baby?

Bekah shared that her daughter Ruth was only seven months old when she found out she was pregnant. Therefore, she didn’t really know what was happening. Basically, she still doesn’t. Bekah said Ruth knows and sees her stomach growing, but really has no clue she’s about to have a baby brother.

She said they tell her there is a baby inside and show her pictures, but it’s not all sinking in for Ruth just yet.

Bekah said, “For her, it’s been pretty gradual. [My stomach] been slowly growing over half her life, basically, like I got pregnant when she was seven months old. So I don’t know if she really notices. But we tell her like, ‘Baby, there’s a baby inside,’ and we’ll point to pictures of babies.”

Bekah has noticed a few differences through this pregnancy

She has noticed a few differences in this pregnancy compared to her first. When talking about what it will be like to have a boy versus a girl, she has no real opinion on it. Bekah said she was a nanny for five years so she’s seen both sides of boys and girls.

Bekah said, “You have little girls who are crazy, energetic maniacs everywhere all at once, then you have little boys who are just super sweet and cuddly and easygoing and have sort of that stereotypical girl energy. I think it’s kind of a gamble.”

One thing is certain, fans are anxious to see Bekah and Grayston’s son when he makes his big debut. Stay tuned for more information on Bekah and all our Bachelor faves.



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