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10 Hottest Pictures Of Savannah Chrisley With Short Hair

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Savannah Chrisley cut off all her gorgeous blonde hair toward the end of last year. While some Chrisley Knows Best fans loved it… A lot of fans seemed to take great issue with it.

The hair cut caused fans to question everything from her orientation to her gender. The blonde bombshell even admitted cutting off her hair wasn’t something she set out to do. There was an incident, and she had no choice. But, she ended up loving the results. She, however, has since told her fans she’s ready to have her longer hair back.

A few days ago, Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram to share a “natural” snap. The snap featured the reality TV personality sans make-up. Her short hair was mostly tucked underneath a baseball cap. The photo caused a bit of a stir on Instagram. Many Chrisley Knows Best fans took issue with it actually being a “natural” photo. They insisted a “natural” photo wouldn’t have so many filters.

Some took issue with the photo because they believed she looked too much like a boy. There was a lot of chatter that she looked like her brother Grayson.

Regardless of what everyone says and thinks, Savannah Chrisley still knows how to set Instagram on FIRE. In fact, there are plenty of smoking hot photos of her ROCKING her short hair.

10. Plaid and shades: short hair, don’t care

The photo above is one of several photos Savannah Chrisley posted when she revealed her short hair. Part of the reason the reveal caught people off guard is because of the outfit she wore while rocking it for the first time. Chrisley Knows Best fans argued she didn’t look like her girly usual self in the photo. The combination of the outfit and the short hair also caused people to question her orientation. Was she still into men or had she switched teams?

Either way, a quick scroll through the photos reveals Savannah has a lot of love and support from her followers. Even recently, her fans continue to bash those who are criticizing her.

9. Natural suntan or sunburn?

The picture above is from February. It makes the list of top ten hot photos because it features the blonde bombshell in a two piece black bikini.

The photo, however, was a bit controversial. In the comments, many took issue with Savannah Chrisley not properly wearing sunscreen to protect her skin.

8. Celebrating the New Year with Nic Kerdiles

The photo above is of Savannah and Nic Kerdiles bringing in the New Year together. In the comments, fans argued over which one looked better in this photo.

Overall, Instagram followers were IN LOVE with the clothing. Chrisley was rocking a lot of make-up and clearly put some time into styling her hair in this particular snap.

7. Did Savannah Chrisley have a baby?!

The photo above caused a lot of Chrisley Knows Best fans to appreciate Savannah Chrisley in a different light. In addition to looking fabulous and rocking the hair… They LOVED seeing her holding a baby.

The photo caused a bit of a stir on Instagram because no one knew where the baby came from. Some even questioned if she had a baby without anyone knowing about it. The baby, however, ended up belonging to a friend of Savannah’s.

6. Pretty in pink

The photo above featured Savannah putting her gorgeous legs on display. She rocked a beautiful silky pink and black ensemble as she smiled vibrantly for the camera. Again, she showed off her ability to slay with short hair.

5. Cool in copper

Savannah got a little sassy in the caption of the snap above. She jested “bags and shoes” were the only “BS” she was interested in.

Fans certainly couldn’t find much fault in that short hair while she rocked such a beautiful copper colored short dressed that seemed to hug her petite frame in all the right places.

4. Equally pretty in red

Now, Savannah Chrisley either has this outfit in two different colors. Or, she had a filter heavy enough to alter the color on one of the photos. Either way, she looks just as great in this outfit when it is a different color. In the caption Savannah jested she was trying to look cute.

3. Breathtaking selfie

Savannah Chrisley has also made a point to show she doesn’t need to show off her entire figure to make her hair look great. This selfie features herself from her shoulders up. And, she looks incredible. Rocking a denim jacket and her short hair… Her followers were captivated by this incredible photo.

2. Perfect outfit for the perfect night out

With her short hair, Savannah Chrisley frequently takes to styling it with volume on top of her head. This does, perhaps, make her hair look a little longer than it actually is. It, however, was likely being about to see down the top of her shirt that caused this photo to make the list. After all, there’s no denying she has a fabulous bosom too.

1. Savannah Chrisley with a bikini and short hair

It likely isn’t too surprising to see this as number one on the list. Savannah Chrisley was clearly feeling herself as she leaned against the tree while putting a serious amount of skin on display. From the top of her head to the tip of her toes, there was nothing fans hated about this photo.

Fans will likely never agree on her short hair

The unfortunate truth is Chrisley Knows Best fans will always be all over the map on her short hair. It, however, isn’t going to stay short forever. Moreover, it only really matters what SHE thinks about her hair. And, there is certainly no denying that she doesn’t let it stop her from looking smoking hot.

Which one of these photos if your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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