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Pregnant Jamie Otis Opens Up About Baby Not Moving

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The Bachelor and Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis will be 40 weeks pregnant as of Monday, May 11. She and her husband Doug Hehner met on MAFS and share a daughter, Henley. The couple plans on naming their baby boy on the way Hayes Douglas. On Mother’s Day, Jamie shared a few snaps on her Instagram Stories, revealing that she’s still pregnant. Prior to those posts, she revealed a scary moment that she had.

On Saturday night, Jamie went to bed early. She says that she got up several times to use the bathroom, but she didn’t feel the baby moving. She used her doppler to try to locate the baby’s heartbeat, and she couldn’t find it. In her Instagram Stories, she details the whole event and is in tears. It was clearly a terrifying time for her. She woke her husband and he couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler either. Eventually, Doug encouraged her to call the midwife. Fortunately, the midwife found the baby’s heartbeat.

Jamie describes it as “the scariest thing.” In her Stories, she wonders if she’s crazy for freaking out so badly. But, her followers on social media reminded her that she’s just being a mom and looking out for her baby on the way.

Jamie Otis experienced pregnancy difficulties

It’s natural for parents to be concerned about their little ones, whether they’re in the womb or already born. One of the reasons that Jamie was so concerned is that getting pregnant was no easy task. It took the couple a while to conceive this baby. Plus, Jamie has suffered a few miscarriages. So, despite being 40 weeks pregnant, she is still anxious about losing this baby.

Jamie plans to go live on Instagram while in labor

Recently, Jamie has been reminding her followers that she will be going live on Instagram while she’s in labor. She wants her fans to be involved in every part of her life. In an Instagram post, Jamie writes, “If you wanna hang w me during labor & keep me company please join me live here on my Instagram!👯‍♀️ Maybe you can help keep my mind off the painful contractions since I won’t be able to have any pain relief … I’ll need all the help I can get!🤪 Turn your notifications on so I don’t miss out on your company!🥰 ⁣

Jamie previously revealed that she will be having a home birth. This is due to the coronavirus. She doesn’t want to risk catching it while in the hospital. And, of course, she doesn’t want her baby to be infected either. So, she and Doug decided that a home birth is the best choice for them.

So, are you excited about the arrival of Jamie Otis’ baby? He should be here any day now.

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