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Tyler Cameron Thinks ‘Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley And His Best Friend Matt James Need To Talk It Out

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There has already been drama for The Bachelorette and the season hasn’t even started production. Recently Clare Crawley went to Twitter to throw shade at anyone who wasn’t coming on her show for the right reasons. Fans instantly thought she was talking about Tyler Cameron’s best friend, Matt James. Matt was named as one of her contestants prior to production being halted. Matt even semi responded to defend himself. Now, Tyler is speaking out and he thinks Clare and Matt definitely need to have a conversation.

Tyler thinks Matt and Clare need to talk

Cosmopolitan shared what Tyler had to say about the drama already seemingly popping up between Matt and Clare. So, to backtrack, Clare went to Twitter and said if anyone was already doing Cameo’s they were wasting their time coming on her season. She wants to make sure anyone joining is truly joining to find love and meet her. Fans instantly believed Clare was calling out Matt.

Matt defended himself in an Instagram story reiterating he was only doing Cameo for charity. In fact, just prior to this all going down, Matt had said he was anxious to meet Clare. He seems genuinely excited to go on her season and possibly fall in love.

In a recent interview, Tyler spoke out a bit about Matt and Clare. When asked if he thought they could work out as a couple, he said, “Oh man. That one’s going to be an interesting one. Uh, there’s been some interesting things conversed over social media, but I hope they can have a conversation, put things into perspective with each other, and see where the cards fall.”

Is Matt still going on the show?

Matt has not expressed a lack of desire to still go on Clare’s season. Bachelorette host Chris Harrison was asked if Matt was still a contestant after the drama erupted. Chris said to his knowledge that yes Matt is still a contestant. He did say it is up to Matt if he still wants to go on the show.

Chris said, “As far as I know, [he’ll still be a contestant]. I mean, I have not heard anything different. I mean, I don’t know if he wants to do this after quarantine, who knows? But as far as I know, yes.”

Chris also defended Clare. He said she is not mad at Matt. He went on to say, “She’s not mad at Matt, and it’s all good. And she’s not mad at anybody doing things for charity first of all. Don’t get mad at Clare.”

Clare had also spoken out after the incident saying she was not talking about anyone in particular. Most don’t believe that. With the coronavirus causing production issues, they are currently looking at how to start filming. It is being considered that perhaps the entire season can take place in a resort. It would be beginning to end in one place. But, with a season like that perhaps it would give everyone a better chance to get to know each other.

Stay tuned for more news on The Bachelorette as it becomes available.

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