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Kyle Richards Upsets Fans With Comments About 10 Lb. Weight Gain

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Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills really upset a lot of her fans recently. The reality star went to her Instagram and shared a photo in her swimsuit that was a throwback. That isn’t what made people mad, though. It was the fact that Kyle commented about needing to lose weight. This is despite the fact that she looks amazing.

Kyle Richards’ bathing suit pic

Kyle posted this pic on Instagram and of course, she looks amazing. It was a throwback photo. The thing that people had an issue with was her comment about weight gain. Check out the caption which says ” didn’t want to take this photo but glad @theprettymess made me. Now I need to use it as incentive to take off the 10 LBS I have gained in quarantine. I am not ready to be set free into the wild yet!” She then went on to say, “I work out everyday but have to stop with the 🍝🍤🌮🥜🍪 After Cinco de Mayo I am done… I am telling you, finito bandito 🤐😷” Because of this, a lot of people are upset.

Why is everyone so upset?

Kyle Richards looks amazing and the fact that she would say she needs to lose weight upset a lot of people. Here are what a few had to say on her post.

lovenlight74 –You don’t need to lose any! You look healthy and gorgeous. That’s a huge problem, especially in Hollywood not to mention our society!!! Why be skinny as a rail and look gaunt and unhealthy? That’s not healthy…enjoy everything! I love you, wish I could have a cup of coffee with you! Be safe sweetheart 💖
fromear2ear –Gosh. I just can’t believe this is seen as an unhealthy weight and needing to lose.
Tamra Judge said, “We’re all in this together 😂 I feel your pain.”
As Yahoo shared, another thing fans were upset about was the fact that body issues are a big thing. Kyle is making it appear that the fact that she is just a bit bigger than this picture is not okay. Most people would love to look like her.
Do you think that Kyle should stay quiet about her size when she is still so small? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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