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What’s Up With ‘VPR’ Stars Kristen, Stassi, And Katie’s Friendship Drama?

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There’s constant tension between Vanderpump Rules stars Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, and Katie Maloney. All three women have dated Brian Carter at some point or another. Because of this commonality, the three can’t seem to get along. VPR‘s Kristen wants to get to the bottom of the two-year conflict in their friendship.

VPR star Kristen digs for an answer

On Sunday’s episode of We Met At ACME, Kristen tells host Lindsey Metselaar that she’s in the process of watching Season 8 of VPR. She hopes to find a detail that she’s overlooked and may help her understand the issues in her friendship with Stassi and Katie.

So far, Kristen hasn’t found an answer. She suspects that her personality during her difficult relationship with Brian may play a role in her problems with Stassi and Katie. However, she feels that this is not enough to bring an end to a friendship that started 10 years ago.

Kristen and Brian’s breakup may be the culprit

On an episode of VPR, Stassi and Katie explain that they are not upset about Kristen dating Brian. They go on to say that they are mad that Kristen lied to them about her relationship status. Stassi and Katie describe Kristen being in and out of a relationship with Brian. They note that although Kristen said they’d broken up, she still acted like they were in a relationship.

Kristen and Brian broke up in February 2019. Following their breakup, they continued to talk and even hung out a few times. Stassi and Katie claim that Kristen lied about the breakup. They seem to think that Kristen and Brian were still together. Kristen admits that she and Brian were in a weird place, but states that they weren’t dating. She describes their relationship as “messy.”

On We Met At ACME, Kristen says, “I think that, at least of what I’m watching on the show like the rest of you guys, is that their version of me lying was because I was back and forth.” She was honest with Stassi and Katie throughout her breakup. Kristen told them when she and Brian were talking to or seeing each other. According to Stassi and Katie, this made it seem like Kristen and Brian were still together.

Stassi’s side of the story

On Stassi’s podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, she explains that she’s upset because of Kristen’s back and forth relationship with Brian. VPR star Stassi feels like Kristen’s story is always changing. However, now that Kristen is talking to someone new, Stassi seems to be more understanding. She says that Kristen’s new love interest, Alex Menache, is “good for Kristen.”

Do you think Stassi and Katie will befriend Kristen again now that she has a new man? Or, will this tension be an ongoing issue? Let us know in the comments.

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