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‘BIP’ Alums Ashley I. And Jared Haibon Love Clare Crawley As ‘The Bachelorette’

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Since Clare Crawley was named The Bachelorette, she has received a lot of criticism. Some fans didn’t know who she was and some didn’t care for her. Recently, many were outraged and wanted her recast with a new lead. There are also many who can’t wait to see her season of the show. Two of those people are BIP alums Ashley Iaconetti and husband Jared Haibon.

Ashley and Jared are definitely here for Clare as The Bachelorette

The couple spoke with Hollywood Life about their thoughts on Clare as the new lead. One thing that most fans can agree on is that Clare will make great television. She has no problems speaking her mind and saying exactly what she thinks. She proved this with Juan Pablo Galavis and also recently with a tweet that many thought was about future contestant Matt James.

As far as Ashley and Jared’s thoughts, they think Clare will be a great Bachelorette. Ashley said, “She stands up for herself like no other. She believes that she deserves love. She is very confident in herself and I think she’s going to call out guys when they’re not treating her right.” Jared followed up saying she will be great. He also said, “She also knows what she wants and she’s going to go after what she wants.”

How is The Bachelorette holding up?

When asked by Hollywood Life about how Clare is holding with her season on hold, Ashley said she is well. While she admits she didn’t ask her specifically about having to wait, she said Clare is excited. Ashley mentioned that overall Clare is just hoping she gets a great group of men who are wanting to find love. Clare is definitely ready for her chance to find her happily ever after. She has been burned before during her Bachelor franchise appearances. It’s finally her turn to call the shots.

When asked about the incident in which many fans thought Clare was calling out Matt, Jared thinks it’s not true. He seems to think that Clare was not specifically calling out Tyler Cameron’s bestie on Twitter. He said, “To be fair, I’m not sure if she was just shading Matt. From what I heard, there were a few of the guys that were going on Cameo. Clare is old school so of course it’s going to bother her if a guy is on there doing interviews.”

Just before Clare’s tweet that sent Bachelor fans into an uproar, Matt admitted he couldn’t wait to meet her. He also addressed her tweets in a round about way. Matt explained why he did Cameo appearances during a session of Instagram Live. It will be interesting to see how these two act when they meet face-to-face for the first time.

Stay tuned for more information on Clare’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette as it becomes available. Currently no plans have been made to start production. However, producers are looking into all options to make her season happen as soon as possible.

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