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‘BIP’ Barman Wells Adams Would Love Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan On The Show

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BIP star, Wells Adams has been around on the ABC show for so long, that there’s even speculation he could end up replacing Chris Harrison if he ever leaves. Recall, we first saw him back in Season 12 with JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette. Now engaged to Sarah Hyland, he often gives the stars of Bachelor in Paradise really good advice. So, his opinion counts. And, he’d really love to see Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan on the show. There’s just one small problem: it looks like Peter and Kelley would need to split first.

BIP with Peter and Kelley could be fire, according to Wells Adams

Adam Wells spoke to US Weekly on Friday, May 1. It came during his promo for Worst Cooks in America. The conversation turned to Bachelor in Paradise and the subject of Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan. Fans already heard that Peter and Kelley hang out during COVID-19. The big reveal came when they were spotted out on the waterfront in Chicago. Plus, it looks like mama Barb approves of Kelley.

TV Shows Ace reported that Barb got cozy with Kelley on Instagram. Plus, recall that she really liked her a lot more than she liked Madison. Madison and Peter dated for a few days but it ended with them splitting. Wells says that obviously, Peter and Kelley would need to split to feature on a future season of BIP. Well, that possibility’s quite believable, as Peter seems to flip-flop constantly. Recall, he also dumped Hannah Ann after proposing. It seemed that Peter just doesn’t know who or what he really wants.

Why Wells Adams likes Peter and Kelley For Bachelor In Paradise

So far, critics of The Bachelor expressed their opinions on Peter across social media. They feel he lets his mom tell him how to live his life. He seems good in Fantasy Suites and Hannah Brown made the most of that on her season of The Bachelorette. Forever tied to windmills, in other areas, Peter seems rather weak-willed and indecisive, they think.  So why would Wells Adams want to see him on the franchise again?

Wells explained his reasons for wanting them in BIP, and they seem rather interesting. He told the outlet that Peter got a lot of hate like other contestants because watching 30 beautiful women go after one man seems off a bit. “You’re just under this microscope,” he added. Some people handle that pressure better than others. But with Paradise, it’s not about a single guy and multiple women competing for his love interest. Actually, it levels the playing field a bit.

What do you think about seeing Peter and Kelley on BIP? Do you think it would be interesting to see them both in a different setting? Perhaps Peter could actually relax a bit as he wouldn’t be the sole star of the show. And, perhaps he’d be a bit more removed from his mom’s influence. Sound off in the comments below.

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