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‘Love Is Blind’: Kelly Chase Dishes On Her Weight Loss Transformation


Kelly Chase thought she found love in the pods on Netflix’s hit reality dating show, Love is BlindHowever, Peoplereports that she and Kenny Barnes never intended to say “I do.”  Kenny says, “We were adamant about we’re not going to get married. And really, the engagement was just to extend the experiment. And we were both committed to that.”

Kelly explains that Kenny ghosted her after filming. “I thought that we were going to continue dating, because that was communicated between us. And then it was our last day of filming, and he had a conversation with me like, ‘Hey, I think I am not emotionally available right now. I need to take some time apart from you’,” she recalls.

After not speaking for several weeks, Kelly writes Kenny a letter. Kenny never responds. Since then, taking the time to focus on her self is really paying off as E!News reports.

Love is Blind star Kelly Chase Focuses On Herself

Taking to Instagram, Kelly posts a remarkable before and after photo of her weight loss transformation. She captions the post, “The days I Googled ‘how to lose weight’ are long gone. True transparency, I became a Certified Health Coach.” She reveals that she then “battled an emotional and grueling weight and body image struggle.”

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The days I Googled “how to lose weight” are long gone. True transparency, I became a Certified Health Coach and THEN I battled an emotional and grueling weight and body image struggle. It wasn’t until working with coaches myself, that it all clicked! The basic principles of what I learned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition came full circle. The principle is that everything is connected, and when there is an imbalance (STRESS) in your: Relationships Career Exercise Spirituality Then there is an imbalance in your nutritional health too. As soon as I began applying these principles, I grew the most intimate relationship with myself; and thus, everything began to change, improve. Fear no longer exists. Opportunities come to me with ease. Confidence is my best friend. Sometimes she needs a little talking to, but for the most part, she stands strong in vulnerability and resilience! Because of my journey and the principles learned through IIN, I am now able to help women stand firm in confidence, love their bodies, career and relationships. If you are craving a change in your life, or you want to be the reason for change in someone else’s life, I encourage you to check out IIN’s free webinar today about the same health coaching program I went through, and why health/life coaches are so very important and needed in this world today! Register via link in bio! “Every opportunity creates another opportunity!”-Me (the quote I wrote in my journal the first day on set on @loveisblindnetflix ) @nutritionschool #chaselifewithkelly #chaselifetogether #iin #healthcoach #loveisblind #becomeabetteryou

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In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Kelly shares that she began her “weight journey” in 2013.  She attributes life changes to two things. Firstly, a former boyfriend and their discussion about her competing in a bikini competition. And, she’s coming up on her 30s. The saying, “Once you hit 30, you won’t be able to eat with that,” contributes to Kelly’s old thought processes.

Kelly shares that, “everything is connected.” She talks about the “imbalance (STRESS) in your relationships, exercise, and sexuality.”

Kelly hopes to instill hope and inspiration in her fans. So, she explains, “Fear no longer exists. Opportunities come to me with ease. Confidence is my best friend. Sometimes she needs a little talking to, but for the most part, she stands strong in vulnerability and resilience.”

In the comments of her Instagram post, Kelly also shares with her fans, “For me, my mindset was not in a good place when I was heavier. So although physically there is a transformation, there was also a great deal of inner transformation happening and that’s what I was sharing in my message that as I started to dive deeper into my career, relationship, etc… that’s when my mindset began to shift and my love grew for the self.”

More on Health and Wellness with Kelly Chase

Kelly tells Cosmopolitian that being on Love is Blind “was the catalyst to my deeper self-love journey.” Now, Kelly is a thriving health and wellness coach. She says she loves helping women “love their bodies, relationships, and careers.” And, it sounds like Kelly believes this can be done with health and empowerment.

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Hi babes! 👋🏼How’s everyone doing out there? Practicing social distancing still? I hope so!! And I also hope you’re taking this time to connect with those you live with; and if you live alone, I hope you’re connecting with yourself. No better time than now to do things that spark joy! 💛 . Wanted to let you know I’m offering little words of advice via the Cameo App for weightloss, body image, dating/relationship tips, career advice, overall health… let’s just say “all the things”. 🙌🏼 . If you know someone feeling challenged, or want to send your significant other, or maybe your colleagues or Team an uplifting message, or you just want to book a request to send someone love today, (birthday/anniversary/quarantine blues), I got you! . You can do it here: . . I’m keeping busy with my full time job as an Account Executive for a health care company; eating foods to fuel my body and mind, going for walks around the neighborhood, journaling, connecting with the girls inside my private coaching community on Facebook (link in bio to join💕), having 1:1 client calls, just started Tiger King (😳what the what?!), DIY photo shoots😬, and having some fun FaceTimes with friends and family.💛 . Sending love and light my friends!✨💛 . #chaselifewithkelly #chaselifetogether #loveisblind #netflix #cameo #BecomeABetterYou

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The television personality talks about empowerment and why it’s important. Furthermore, she encourages followers to “work with a coach/mentor who can help build your confidence, empower you, and ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle.”

Additionally, Kelly recommends two personal development books. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. She says that they help to improve awareness. She thinks that these are some of the keys to her success.

Fans can keep up with Kelly on Twitter @ChaseLifewKelly and Instagram @chaselifewithkelly. And as always, keep it tuned to TV Shows Ace for more reality television news!

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