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‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie McKee Hopes Fans Take A Lesson In Kindness From Her Deceased Mom Angie

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Teen Mom OG star, Mackenzie McKee and her fans saw the episode featuring her mom, Angie as she approached the end of her life. Fans and Mackenzie mourn her loss. Mackenzie opened up about the loss this week, saying she felt it fair for fans to see her last journey as they loved her as well. Now, she hopes that fans learn that kindness is so important.

Teen Mom OG – Mackenzie honors her mom

TV Shows Ace reported that Mackenzie talked more about her mom passing. She said that while she still looks for “closure,” her many fans who also mourn her mom help her through this difficult time. More than anything, she just hopes to honor her mom’s memory. She became really candid about her mom’s last day in the world, saying how they held her and loved her right up the end. She felt it fitting that her mom should be loved all the way to her demise, as she was such a loving person herself.

Fans know that Angie steadfastly stood by Mackenzie, always encouraging her, and believing the best for her. So, fans feel it’s quite okay for the Teen Mom OG star to share her feelings about her mom passing away. Fans know that Angie battled cancer for two years before finally succumbing. And, even beyond her death, she reached out to Mackenzie. It came in the form of a letter she tucked away in her suitcase. When Mackenzie shared that with her fans, many people wept along with her.

Mackenzie hopes that fans learn about kindness from her mom

InTouch Weekly reported that Mackenzie McKee told them that her mom really put out a lesson about kindness. If you think about the amount of toxic hate on social media these days, that’s a great legacy to leave behind. In her interview with the outlet, Mackenzie said, “The first thing she said is, ‘Always be kind.'” And, she also notes her mom was “always a kind person.” Mackenzie now feels “terrified” when her times comes to pass on. She fears that “nobody” will find anything good to say about her.

The Teen Mom OG star thinks nothing could actually be worse than people saying bad things after you pass away. Things like rudeness, thieving, and more. She quoted her mom as saying “It’s how you live your dash.'” That saying comes from a poem written by Linda Ellis. It focuses on those words you see on tombstones after the name and before the dates. It’s common to see people get a dig at those with a bad attitude during their lives.

What do you think about the legacy that Angie left behind for Teen Mom OG fans? Do you agree that being known for kindness is probably one of the best ways for people to be remembered? Sound off in the comments below.

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