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‘Saved By The Barn’ Exclusive: Lola The Goat Will Make You Cheer, Prosthetic Legs Give Her New Life

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Homeschoolers please note: This is a perfect lesson and teaching moment that reinforces the value of hard work, kindness and entrepreneurship as well as learning about the needs of animals, careers around helping animals and how best to help them.

On Saturday’s amazing episode of Saved By The Barn for Animal Planet, we meet up with Lola the goat and her rescue daddy Dan McKernan who has enlisted a special veterinarian prosthetic maker to give Lola’s deformed legs a new lease on life.

And based on the exclusive preview, Lola is kicking her heels up and likely won’t miss her bad old legs at all.

This sweet rescued goat is one of many farm animals that McKernan’s Barn Sanctuary takes in and rescues, allowing them to live the rest of their lives in a pleasant and happy environment and escape an untenable situation.

Lola the Rescue Goat

In our exclusive preview we see Dan cradling Lola, a little goat who came to him with deformed back legs.

He says: “Are you excited? Look, ’cause I’m getting excited!”  He explains that ever since he first saw Lola he had always imagined her running around with all the other goats.

And on the episode this Saturday, Lola gets her prosthetics fitted, which should help her do all that.

Dan explained that the prosthetic expert Josh Ahlstrom came previously to get molds of Lola’s feet and that now he was there to strap on her new shoes.

Lola is docile and game for this adventure, and she allows Josh and Dan to get her new legs on. At first glance, she seems to take to them pretty quickly.

And watching Lola settle into her new lower legs, Josh Ahlstrom is beaming and says: “I just got goosebumps.”

What is Saved By The Barn all about?

Animal Planet’s Saved By The Barn is a tale of reinvention and redemption.  The series follows Dan McKernan who kicked his six-figure tech job to the curb in Austin, TX and went back to the 140-year-old family farm in Michigan where his dad lives.

He created a nonprofit and decided that the farm was best served helping unwanted farm animals live out their lives in a tranquil and healthy way.

This is how Barn Sanctuary, a sanctuary for rescued farm animals that have experienced neglect and suffered abuse was created.

Stories also featured on the family-friendly and informative series include some abused roosters from Chicago who were forced to fight each other, plus Charlie the blind goat and many others farm animals that get the opportunity to be integrating into a new life at the Barn Sanctuary.

Please tune in Saturday with animal lovers and kids of all ages to watch this unique and wonderful story unfold.

Also on the episode, Dan’s twin brother Chris experiences his first rescue and save two goats called Hugo and Emmy who are in need of medical help.

And Joey the calf returns after a series of surgeries.

Saved By The Barn airs Saturday at 10 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet

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