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‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Hits At Critic Over Kids Not Wearing Helmets While Biking

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OutDaughtered fans love the kids and they sit on their keyboards waiting to see if Adam and Danielle Busby slip up at all. Actually, sometimes Adam shares photos and clips that get concerned fans stressing. Now critics hammer him for allowing the kids to ride without helmets, gloves, and masks. Adam hit back, and he may have a point this time, some fans think.

OutDaughtered kids have helmets but don’t always use them while biking

TV Shows Ace noted that quite often, critics complain if the kids do anything that looks dangerous. So, when Adam shared a clip of Blayke riding her scooter without one, we suggested he should brace himself for criticism. That came in January.  But since then, with the kids at home these days, people try and find ways to keep their children entertained. And, Danielle and Adam try and get the kids outside as much as they can. Luckily, they own scooters and bikes and a lovely pool, which helps.

The quints and Blakye own helmets. That became obvious during the OutDaughtered birthday week. Shortly after announcing an e-scooter giveaway, Adam shared a photo of all the kids on scooters. Each one of them wore a helmet. So, some critics can’t understand why they don’t always use them. More criticism came recently when Adam shared about them all out and about riding bikes. And, notably, they are low to the ground, InTouch noted.

Critics hit at Adam for recent images of kids not wearing helmets

Adam took to Instagram a few days ago and shared about the kids and Danielle all cycling. He captioned it with, “You can imagine the stares that we get on evening rides down the street.” One of the pictures showed Danielle on a very low wheeler and she even had their little Beaux dog out with them on his leash.  Plenty of fans chipped in their thoughts and agreed it looked like plenty of fun. Some of them loved the idea of easy rollers, especially one person with a child suffering from muscular dystrophy.

One OutDaughtered critic wrote, “I love you all but where are your masks and gloves???” To that, many fans commented it was a stupid question. And Adam replied saying, “what? To ride bikes outside? You can’t be serious??” He later added, “Houston has a mask ordinance, but it also stipulates that you do not have to wear it during outside physical activity…like running or riding your bike..”

Then another critic noted, “Helmets?” And, Adam had an answer for that as well. He hit back saying, “if i thought that my kids were in any sort of life threatening danger, they would be wearing them.”

The bikes seem very low to the ground

Actually, InTouch Weekly noted that the bikes the OutDaughtered family used seem very low-slung. And one that is a bit higher is a three-wheeler, and very difficult to tip over. Many fans slammed critics, asking why they felt they should “police” Adam and Danielle. Do you agree the bikes posed little danger? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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