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‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon Gosselin Says Kate’s A Nurse But Not Helping Out During COVID-19

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Kate Plus 8 fans heard from Mady Gosselin when the colleges closed for COVID-19, that she went home to her mom’s place. At the time she noted being together all day would end with “fights.” And, it seems that home could well be where Kate is right now. According to Jon Gosselin, she’s a trained nurse but doesn’t help out during the coronavirus.

Kate Plus 8 – Mady said she’d be at home with Kate during COVID-19

TV Shows Ace reported that Mady spoke about being at home with her mom. That came back in mid-March when colleges closed and sent the students home early. After Kate collected her and Cara from the college, she joked about how being cooped at home with her mom probably meant they’d “fight” a lot. Actually, she joked. But fans really don’t know what Kate does apart from stay home these days. After all, when the special came out that featured the kids and pre-college visits, it got taken down. That came after Jon Gosselin challenged it.

Fans heard that Kate violated a court order for filming the kids in the Kate Plus 8 special without Jon’s permission. It’s one of the few victories Jon Gosselin won against his ex-wife. Actually, it’s also one of the few times that Jon scored against TLC as well. He got muzzled for a long time by the network after he left and Kate became his ex-wife. With no love lost between the two parents of the sextuplets and the twins, Jon now feels freer about saying things that dwell on his mind.

Kate’s a nurse but Jon Gosselin says she doesn’t help out during coronavirus

The Sun UK reported that Jon Gosselin spoke to them about Kate being a nurse. Fans already knew that Jon works as a DJ. But, apparently, he also works in IT at a hospital. And, his new girlfriend Colleen also nurses. So, the couple spends each day going to work on the frontline during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you didn’t know that Kate’s a registered nurse, the outlet checked up on it. And, they report her registration’s still valid and expires only in 2021.

The Kate Plus 8 star seems not to earn an income now that the show ended. Actually, Jon seems uncertain about what she gets up to these days. Maybe she tucked some money away for a rainy day. Whatever she does, he seems convinced that she’s not nursing right now. In an interview with The Sun, Jon said, “I have no idea what she’s doing for work. I mean you think – as she claims she has her nursing license – that she’d be on the front line. That would be a good idea. Just saying.”

What do you think about Jon suggesting his registered nurse ex-wife probably didn’t put up her hand to help on the frontline during America’s time of need? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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