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Duggar Fans Offer Jill Dillard Advice For Samuel’s Dust Allergy

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Jill Dillard recently showed her fans a bizarre way to treat dust mite on stuffed animals. She explained on Instagram that she and Derick learned Sam has a serious allergy to dust. So, they were taking the necessary steps around the house to help him. One of these steps just happened to include putting her sons’ stuffed animals in the freezer for a few days to kill the dust mites.

Jill Dillard also shares other steps she and Derick are taking to help Sam.

Putting the stuffed animals in the freezer attracted a lot of attention because she shared a photo of it. That, however, is far from the only thing Jill Dillard and Derick are doing for their son. According to the caption of her very long Instagram post, there are many other steps she is taking around the home.

Jill Dillard promised that she would be better at “washing bedding and vacuuming at least once a week.” She also acknowledged the fact that having carpet on the floors wasn’t in Sam’s best interest. So, perhaps she and Derick have plans to remove the carpet in the future.

The TV personality looked to her followers for advice on keeping her son’s allergies at bay.

At the end of her Instagram post, Jill Dillard seemed to be interested in what her fans have to say. She called for advice from parents who have children with allergies (especially dust allergies).

“Do your kids have allergies? What have you done to help?” She questioned. In a little over 24 hours, the post has accumulated over 18,000 likes and just shy of 1,000 comments. Her followers were more than happy to chime in with advice.

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🐻 Stuffies in the freezer! We recently found out Sam has strong allergies to dust! 😳 Both of the boys love their stuffies…so when the allergist mentioned they could be contributing to collection of dust it made total sense! . . 💦 In addition to being better at washing bedding and vacuuming at least once a week (I know…we still have carpet 😬), the allergist recommended freezing anything that’s tough to wash at least once a month for 48-72 hrs. to hopefully kill the dust mites! I usually bag them up to keep moisture off of them and contain them a little. 🤗 . . Do your kids have favorite stuffies or a lot of them? Do your kids have allergies? What have you done to help? ⬇️ Comment below ⬇️

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Jill Dillard’s followers offer advice on dealing with dust and allergies.

The mother-of-two’s followers didn’t hold back offering advice. They were more than happy to share their own experiences on how to deal with dust and allergies. Here’s some of the advice her followers gave her in the comments:

  • “Change the filter to the furnace frequently and get your ducts cleaned professionally! It’s helped a ton at our house! And we got rid of our old carpet and have mostly hardwood floors now.”
  • “We have allergen covers on our mattresses and have allergy reducing pillows (we found them at Costco a few years ago). They make allergen covers for pillows too.”
  • “A roomba! Daily vacuuming, and you don’t have to do it!”

Many of her followers took issue with her admitting she only planned to vacuum once a week. They exclaimed that vacuuming once a week simply wasn’t enough when you had a child with a dust allergy.

Duggar fans hope the advice offered in the comments will help Jill Dillard make changes around her home for the sake of her son’s health.


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