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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Gets Trolled On His Birthday, But Tori Spelling Gave Him A Call

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90 Day Fiance star, Big Ed finds himself in a strange place with his fans. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousand love him and follow him on Instagram. But, plenty of people hate him and troll him incessantly. He’s not all that popular with some of his castmates either. He blocked Lisa Hamme and Geoffrey Paschel from his account but makes up for the haters with a growing recognition from networks and celebrities.

90 Day Fiance – Big Ed celebrates his 55th birthday

Big Ed celebrated his 55th birthday and proudly revealed that he and Tori Spelling chatted. He shared a photo of the two of them. In his caption, he wrote, “Love you Tori, get ready for our cook-off next Tuesday evening..!” On the photo, he also added a note that read, “Ummm… this happened tonite.” Then, he added, “I’ve never been more fangirling in my whole life and I’ve met everyone in the business. ” Well, it certainly seems like the rising star of the TLC franchise met a lot of people who look beyond his short neck.

Unfortunately, since the very first preview of the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 4  show, trolls went at him because of his physical challenges and appearance. Trolls also hated that he dated Rosemarie, much younger than him. So, the moment the cracks showed in his relationship, they renewed their trolling efforts almost with delight at the justification, his fans felt. But it’s an interesting fact that the most-hated stars of the show often come back again and again. So, the haters pretty much guarantee more screentime for the man with KFS, or Klippel Feil syndrome.

Mainstream outlets feature Big Ed while haters troll him

Fox News carried an article on Big Ed about his age-gap Rosemarie. The outlet reminded readers that there’s  a 31-year age gap between the pair.” Meanwhile, his daughter disapproves and that raises some challenges. It also brought a lot of hate from fans. K-Sat 12 News owned by the Graham Media Group ran an exclusive on him about how he confessed that “the lies he told Rosemarie will come back and bite him.” Almost every tabloid, including the bigger ones, covered his story multiple times. These include Entertainment Tonight, People, Newsweek, Buzz Feed, Screenrant, Yahoo, and more.

But, for his detractors, they can’t even bring themselves to say something nice to him on his birthday. Is it plain jealousy? Or, do they genuinely feel motivated by concern for Rosemarie, who some accuse of him of exploiting? Others hate that he told her to clean up her hygiene. Meanwhile, some 90 Day Fiance followers just hate that he’s short and “fat” and presume he’s a predator.

Even amidst the coronavirus, where many people worry about themselves and their fellow humans, the trolling continues on his social media. Many fans seem unable to set aside the fact that the show’s reality TV. And everyone knows that the “real” part can be manipulated by editing. That often results in sky-high ratings.

It seems that Big Ed’s a rising star whether his critics agree or not. And, for those haters who keep on hating, the likelihood that mainstream media features him more and more only rises. It’s possible that the 90 Day Fiance show is just the beginning for this already successful photographer. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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