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‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Messer Prepares Daughters For Puberty & Pregnancy

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Teen Mom 2 fans know that Leah Messer made a mess of her life as a young teen when she fell pregnant. Actually, in her book due out in May, she revealed just how big a mess her early life was. She opted for an abortion. And, claimed her family and MTV pushed her into pretending she had a miscarriage. But now, she hopes her own daughters avoid some of those mistakes. In fact, she already started preparing them for puberty and unwanted pregnancies.

Teen Mom 2 star Leah opens up about her mistakes as a young woman

TV Shows Ace reported that Leah’s book, Hope, Grace, & Faith only releases in May. But, outlets that obtained advanced copies already reveal some of the contents. In interviews, Leah also opens up more about some of the decisions she made as a much younger person. Leah described how she allegedly became abused as a young child by a babysitter As she never spoke up about it, she believed she didn’t “love” herself. Somehow, she then relied on other people for decisions.

One decision she made involved an abortion. MTV screened it and the abortion became presented as a “miscarriage.” According to ETOnline, even her mom pushed her to go along with the Teen Mom “miscarriage.” But, she felt that back then, allowing other people to make decisions seemed easier than making her own choices. Those poor choices saw her involved in addictions and several unworkable relationships. Now, the mother of three daughters, she hopes they avoid the same mistakes she made.

Leah prepares her daughters for puberty and unplanned babies

Now, as Leah’s daughters start growing up, puberty comes along at a fast pace. Naturally, Leah hopes her guidance prevents unplanned pregnancies. They don’t watch much of the MTV show, but as they grow older, the likelihood grows stronger. Leah spoke with E!News about it. Knowing how it feels as a teen mom, she hopes her daughters avoid that. During her exclusive interview, she said, “I feel like if I’m on it from the beginning, I can prevent it.” Therefore, Leah takes their education about “puberty,” seriously.

The Teen Mom star noted that she feels her own education in that area lacked something. In fact, she felt that a good education on the subject might have avoided her making poor decisions. Additionally, she hopes that tackling it sooner rather than later’s imperative. During quarantine, she takes advantage of the girls being around a bit more. And, she promises that they will hear from her. She won’t let the cycle repeat itself with her kids.

Do you agree that Leah preparing her children for puberty might help them avoid unplanned pregnancies? After all, it’s only natural the Teen Mom star would hate her own children to make the same mistakes she made as a young person.

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