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Mama June Gets Her Teeth Fixed, Shaping Up Again

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Mama June features in the current Family Crisis season of Not to Hot on WEtv. But, she’s worse for wear. Many fans complain as she became estranged from her daughters and took off with Geno Doak. In fact, after the show premiered, she got a lot of hate. Fans thought she looked stoned, and those broken and missing teeth worried them. But, it looks like she’s getting her act together. Nowadays, she’s getting fit, and just announced she finally got her teeth fixed.

Mama June warns off trollers and works on her fitness

TV Shows Ace reported that it’s too soon to tell if June returns to her family in the Family Crisis show. The current season follows on from the previous season where she refused family intervention. That came after her arrest with Geno for possession of drug paraphernalia They later took off in an RV after she sold her home. TMZ reported on her slide downhill. From being booted out of a residence hotel for non-payment, to domestic disputes, they laid it all out. Concerned fans became angry as they saw Pumpkin trying to managed custody of her heartbroken little sister, Alana.

But, after returning to Instagram and selling cameos, June slammed her fans and warned off trollers. It came on a post where she shared she spends time with her friend Alan Barta in Florida. June shared a photo of her out exercising near the beach, and she said that she’s working on her fitness. Unimpressed fans suggested that Mama June rather go back to her daughters and sort out those broken teeth. And, now she revealed that her teeth got fixed and her smile’s bright again.

Brand new teeth for June, finally got them fixed

On Tuesday, June took to her Instagram and showed she went to see Dr. Matthew Yantorni of the Lake Nona Dental Group located in Orland, Florida. She showed a picture of her shiny new gnashers and thanked him for all the work he put into it. June noted, “he does amazing work y’all he made my veneer in one day!” Well, that’s one shoutout that fans probably don’t object to. After all, June sorely needed dental attention.

Naturally, fans of Mama June reacted to the news about her teeth. For once, trolling seemed at a minimum and overall, fans received the news with wholehearted approval. One fan said, “Your looking awesome!!! Keep up the good work girlie❤️❤️.” Then, another one commented, “Good to see some type of change in you. Next step go and get your family back, and get rid of that disaster you call a boyfriend name Geno.”

Well, in fairness to June, as the Family Crisis show never ended yet, fans don’t know if she returned home. Geno still seems to be around. He featured in a photo with June and Alan Barta earlier this month. But, some fans noted he looks a lot healthier as well.

What do you think about Mama June getting fitter and fixing up her teeth? Are you pleased she seems to pull herself together? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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