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‘VPR’: Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Dish On Kristen Doute’s New Man

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Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute may not be as close as they used to be. But Stassi is still offering her opinion about the new guy Kristen is dating. 

As TV Shows Ace reports, Kristen has been seeing someone since January. His name is Alex Manache and he is friends with Tom Schwartz. As a result, the rest of the cast already knows him. 

VPR Stars Approve of Co-Star’s New Man

Stassi’s fiancé, Beau Clark, tells Us Weekly that Alex is a “great guy.” Stassi chimed in and said that he seems “so normal.” The Next Level Basic author thinks he will be “good for Kristen,” unlike Brian Carter. 

In fact, the first time Stassi and Beau met Alex, Carter was there, too. According to the couple, the situation was “confusing” because they didn’t realize Alex and Kristen were dating. However, Beau says he hopes it works out between the new couple. 

Beau went on to call Carter an “emotional leech” in his relationship with Kristen. He hopes that her new man will “treat her well and calm her down.” 

As fans know, Stassi, Kristen and Katie Maloney had a falling out after Season 7. The VPR stars recently opened up about how Kristen would tell them to “be nice” to Carter after complaining about him off-camera.  

Twitter Asks for ‘VPR Season 1 Stassi,’ Stassi Claps Back

The VPR star is having drama with her Twitter followers again. As TV Show Ace reported, both Beau and Stassi were irked with fans after last week’s episode. Many fans flocked to Twitter to tell Beau to ‘run’ after Stassi’s latest meltdown aired. 

Stassi clapped back at their requests to bring back ‘Season 1 Stassi.’ She wrote that when she does revert back, fans call her to the “guillotine.” Stassi advises fans to “pick a lane” and choose if they want Season 8 Stassi or Season 1 Stassi. 

Stassi Jokes About Coronavirus Wedding Look on Twitter

As fans know, Stassi is supposed to marry Beau in a destination wedding later this year. The couple planned for an October wedding in Rome, Italy. However, Italy was hit hard by the coronavirus and is slowly coming out of quarantine. 

As a result, the wedding plans of the VPR stars are currently up in the air. Stassi joked about the situation on Twitter last week. She shared a photo of a mannequin wearing a face mask made from pearls. 

Along with the photo, Stassi quipped, “reworking my wedding look.” 

Regardless of whether her wedding goes on as planned, Kristen likely won’t be getting an invitation. While sources tell Us Weekly that Kristen’s new boyfriend is ready for babies, Stassi is still holding off until after the wedding. 

Their VPR co-star, Katie, had to clarify on Instagram over the weekend that she is not pregnant. TV Shows Ace reports that a photo captioned “make it three” by Tom Schwartz was misinterpreted. He was talking about three scoops of ice cream.

Be sure to tune in to the April 28 episode of VPR. Stassi finally gets the proposal of her dreams from Beau. 

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo. 

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