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‘Counting On’: Who Is Jim Bob Duggar’s Favorite Son-in-Law?

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Does Jim Bob Duggar have a favorite son-in-law? While it is unlikely to be something he would say outright… It is something Counting On fans are starting to believe to be true. In fact, here’s everything we’ve been able to dig up on who fans believe is Jim Bob Duggar’s favorite son-in-law.

How many son-in-laws does Jim Bob Duggar currently have?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the parents of 19 children. Among them they have nine daughters. Presently, four of their nine daughters are married. Jill Duggar married her husband Derick Dillard back in 2014. Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald just a few months later. Fast forward a few years… Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo. And, Joy-Anna followed a year later in 2017 marrying Austin Forysth.

Now, as we recently reported, fans have a favorite couple of their own. Currently, they seem to favor Austin and Joy-Anna. This, however, stems largely from their appreciation of his skills as a father. Moreover, they appreciate how the Forysth household bends the traditional gender roles when necessary. For example, Austin was more than willing to help Joy take care of their son so she could recover properly after her miscarriage.

In the courtship department… Things have been on a bit of a pause. Jana Duggar (who is now 30) is the next Duggar daughter that should walk down the aisle. While she admits she has dated several people… Nothing seems to have worked out for her. Beyond Jana, the rest of the Duggar daughters are too young for courting and marriage. Johannah Duggar, for example, would be the next oldest. She was born in 2005. She is followed by Jennifer Duggar, Jordyn-Grace Duggar, and Josie Duggar who were born between 2007 and 2009.

So, apart from Jana, it may be a while before Jim Bob welcomes another son-in-law into the family.

So, does Jim Bob have a favorite son-in-law?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would never admit they have a favorite son-in-law. However, Counting On fans seem quite sure they have both a clear favorite and a clear least favorite. Unsurprisingly, everyone believes Derick Dillard is the least favorite son-in-law. Derick has taken to spilling a lot of family tea on social media. He is also rumored to be working on a tell-all book. Notably, fans admit they’d rather read a tell-all book written by his wife.

Over the years, Derick Dillard hasn’t had great things to say about the Duggar family. He claims Jim Bob Duggar keeps all the earnings from the show to himself. He added that Jim Bob Duggar is extremely strict about who can come in his home. Dillard even suggested Jill herself wasn’t allowed in the home unless Jim Bob was there.

On the other side of the spectrum… Counting On fans believe Ben Seewald is Jim Bob Duggar’s favorite son-in-law. Ben and Jessa follow most of the rules originally set by the Duggar family. They also seem to be extremely financially dependent on Michelle and Jim Bob. Over the last few weeks, Jessa has put a ton of effort into crafting and sharing content that praised and honored her parents. So, with all of the control and eco-stroking at play, the favoritism makes sense.

Counting On fans suspect Ben Seewald is easy to control.

Counting On fans do not believe Ben Seewald has a very strong personality. They also do not believe he’s capable of supporting his family without Jim Bob Duggar’s help. Fans suspect Ben being easy to control and manipulate makes him an ideal favorite.

Ben Seewald has not had a job since he married into the Duggar family. Before, he did have a job. He worked for an auto glass repair company. He, however, quit to get married to Jessa. Noticeably, Ben and Jessa have made no effort to look for their own home. Moreover, Counting On fans believe Ben is unemployed and relies completely on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

So, how do you think Ben Seewald supports his family? Do you think he’s Jim Bob’s favorite son-in-law?

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