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Carlin Bates Offers Nice Give-Away During Difficult Coronavirus Time

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Carlin Bates seems to have it all. She married her sweetheart, Evan Stewart, and produced a gorgeous, healthy baby girl. She’s attractive, a TV star, in love, and deeply loved by her family. What else could a young person wish for? But, she’s certainly not self-centered or lapping it all up insensitively. Carlin cares about other people during this difficult time. She just offered a very nice giveaway on her Instagram.

Carlin Bates – kind and sweet nature despite having it all

Fans of Carlin love her as she seems a very kind and sweet-natured person. In fact, fans might need to scratch their heads to recall a single nasty thing Carlin ever said to anyone. Despite being a fan-favorite on the reality TV Show, Bringing Up Bates, she seems level headed and lives a good life as her example of Christianity. Fans appreciate that as she lives her life according to her faith, rather than lecturing others on how they should behave.

Carlin also very sweetly allows fans a peek into her life as a young wife and mother. She took them on her journey of expecting her baby Layla, through her birth and into her life as a mom. TV Shows Ace reported that Carlin Bates gave her fans a  guided tour through the nursery that she and Evan fixed up for their little girl. Not over the top, it’s tidy, clean, and minimalistic. Then, to celebrate, she and Evan took a walk in the outdoors.

Gorgeous Layla – Carlin acknowledges hard times for others

On her Instagram on Friday, Carlin posted up a photo of herself holding her daughter up. Sitting on the lawn near a cycle track, it’s a picture-perfect moment, And it seems that Carlin experiences many of those in her rather fortunate life. But those less fortunate aren’t far from her mind. She captioned it with, “My heart goes out to all those whose lives have been literally turned upside down these past few months!”

Next, Carlin Bates said she’s doing a “giveaway.” Speaking about hard times, she added, “I want to spread some love during this hard time by giving away FOUR Visa gift cards for $50 each.” And, to qualify you don’t need to tag too many friends, follow lots of people, or endorse any products. That’s refreshing on Instagram and in particular when it comes to collab-sponsored giveaways.

How to enter Carlin’s giveaway

Carlin said that the giveaway runs from last night through to April 30. To enter, you simply tag one friend, like the post, and “follow” Carlin. So, four lucky people stand to win a $50 gift card to help thr0ugh the difficult coronavirus time. While Carlin Bates never specified where the winners can spend their card, possibly they can spend it in many ways. Visa Gift Card site notes that the cards may be spent “online, over the phone and in your favorite stores and restaurants across the country.”

What do you think about Carlin Bates’ gift card giveaway? Do you agree that she seems very sweet to think about other people? After all, she seems to have everything a young woman could ask for. And, she took the time to think about others.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news about Carlin Bates from UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates.


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