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‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’: Two Couples Choose to Wed, One Bride Has a Big Secret

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Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love has flown by in some ways for the three committed couples hoping to secure their families’ blessings for their unions.  In just weeks, the pairs have probed deeper with each other and pledged themselves in pleasing their future in-laws in measures they never imagined.  In the April 22 episode, “It All Comes Down to This,” Pastor Cal Roberson sat down with each couple by the end of the hour to learn what choice they had made for the future– to be married or to part ways.  One Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love bride has been holding a secret that neither Pastor Cal nor anyone else saw coming.

Chris and Blair choose commitment on ‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’

All credit should go to Chris and Blair for going far beyond the extra mile to make Blair’s mom, Kelly, more at ease with their relationship.  The couple discussed their decision the night before meeting with Pastor Cal. Chris asked, “We know what our decision is, right?” Blair nodded, but still had a troubled look on her face.  She is fully confident in the character of the man she loves, but it is sad to hear her say that “my mom is not pleased with the person I am,” and thus, will not be pleased with anyone she chooses.

Pastor Cal praised the couple for demonstrating full commitment to the process and remarked how Chris had gone deeper emotionally than the prospective groom ever imagined.  Blair and Chris both responded that they did not know if Kelly would be at the wedding.  Chris reiterated how much her presence would mean to Blair.  “We’re getting married,” they say together.  The Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love expert was very pleased.  Blair admitted that there was still a lot on her mind.

The couple has a virtual meeting with Blair’s dad, who fully gives his approval.  Blair says that her dad “loves Chris” and has never voiced concerns.  He was worried that their “big news” was something bad.

Previews from next week’s Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love get a peek that Blair is overcome with anxiety.  Let’s hope that fulfilling their proposal overcomes her mom’s strong prejudices.

Cameron makes it a real proposal for Willi on ‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’

Cameron and Willi totally captured the true romance in their Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love story this week.  When Pastor Cal heard that they had been to see Rabbi Lebow, and decided to have him officiate at their wedding, the mentor was overjoyed.  He was also overjoyed to see the radiant joy on Willi’s face as she showed off her engagement ring.

“To see the confident, strong woman you are now is just wonderful,” Roberson praised.   He was also in to hear Cameron say that he would never say “off the table” about anything again.  Pastor Cal wasn’t too pleased about the pretend proposals that Cameron had been teasing with Willi.

Cameron rented out a favorite movie theater and played a video “movie” montage of photos through the years with Willi.  She and Cameron were tearing up just to look at the memories.   Cameron asked her to stand up, and she got on one knee. In all seriousness, this time, he asked her to marry him. She gushed that she was “on cloud nine,” and couldn’t stop smiling. 2paragraphs covered the pivotal moment for the pair.

Pastor Cal has a great concern when Willi and Cameron said that they had not officially gotten Michael’s blessing.  They explained that they were going to enjoy each other and “this moment” for at least a few weeks, and they would tackle the issue more fully down the road.  The Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love counselor wasn’t sold on the response, particularly in regard to raising future children. Cameron and Willi have learned to tackle the hard conversations, though, and hopefully, by the time they start a family of their own, peacemaking will come much easier.

‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’ signals caution for Kee Kee and Kareem

Pastor Cal was not alone in worrying about the future for Kee Kee and Kareem after the spiraling meltdown for Kareem at the lawyer’s office last week.   In another heartbreaking conversation, Kee Kee and Kareem talk about how upsetting the ordeal was for Geoffrey.  “You’re his daddy,” she repeated to Kareem after he described that the child he considers to be a son fell asleep in his lap after crying.

Kee Kee confesses that the Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love blowup has changed how she feels about their whole relationship, while Kareem still holds that “we’re gonna be all right” in the end.

Pastor Cal asked to talk with Kareem and Kee Kee separately first.  Much of the conversation revolved around how Kareem “stuffs” his emotions until they explode everywhere.   When the expert asks if Kee Kee wants to get married, the Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love fiancée replies: “I don’t know.”

Kee Kee reveals another big boulder in the road to together

Kareem admits that he has struggles dealing with emotion and anger when he talks to Pastor Cal.  The expert asks if he thinks it is a question of maturity.  Kareem is unsure, probably not ready to come to terms yet.  The veteran Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love relationship guide explains how the pair has bigger issues than wedding plans to consider now.  He doesn’t know that another bombshell is about to explode.

Kee Kee reveals that even if she and Kareem wanted to marry now, they couldn’t.  “I’m legally still married to my ex,” she declared.  Pastor Cal is stupefied.  “Why am I just now finding out about this? Roberson asks.  This stumbling block is more daunting than any dinner with Ms. Marvalene and involves a precious child, too.

Emotions have always been volatile for these two.  There’s no telling what next week holds for them as the two other couples progress to stepping down the aisle.

Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love airs Wednesday on Lifetime.


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