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‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Giving Away Amazon Gift Cards To Needy Fans

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Everyone’s favorite Pawns Stars goofball, Chumlee, wants to give fans $50. Do you need groceries, or maybe need a new game? Chumlee would like to help out. What are the details in this very generous offer?

Chumlee Giving Away Amazon Gift Cards

Times have been tough. We are in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have lost their job and putting food on the table may be a concern. In comes everyone’s favorite member of Pawn Stars, Chumlee. He wants to help out folks in need.

On Sunday, Chumlee posted on Instagram: “I got $750 in Amazon gift cards to give away. Do you need one? these can be used to Buy groceries as well as games for the family.” Some fans have already requested that Chum help them out. This sort of gift card can certainly help out a family still waiting for their stimulus check.

Pawn Star’s Candy Shop Closed Due To Coronavirus

Although Chum is being quite generous, he has had his own troubles due to Covid-19. Chumlee’s Candy on The Blvd. in Las Vegas is currently shut down due to the coronavirus. All of Vegas shut down.

But, according to the official Instagram page, he does plan on offering an online store. Currently, fans are still waiting for the online shop to open. Chum sells a cornucopia of candy, including some classic favs, as well as bespoke chocolate dollars.

Chumlee Has Deleted Most Instagram Photos

Pawn Stars fans may be wondering what is going on with Chum. He has deleted most of his photos on Instagram! Back in August, TV Shows Ace had reported that Chumlee was deemed “too sexy” for Instagram. The online photo sharing app, owned by Facebook, deleted a photo of him kneeling on the beach, in just his swimming trunks. Could the censors at Instagram be the reason that Chumlee’s Instagram is so dramatically thinned out?

One thing is obvious, the photos of Chum along with his bride Olivia are totally gone. TV Shows Ace chronicled his wedding in 2019. The two married nearly two years ago. Currently, one short Instagram video in Turks & Caicos remains, otherwise Olivia has been wiped away from his Instagram account, with no explanation. She has also deleted her own Instagram account. Could Olivia now wish to be offline, out of the limelight?

We don’t know. What we do know is that Chumlee would like to give people who need groceries, or even games, a $50 Amazon gift card. Do you know someone who could use that right about now?

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest on Chumlee and Pawn StarsPawn Stars now airs on Friday nights, on History.

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