Too Hot to Handle

‘Too Hot to Handle’ Not Your Average Dating Reality Show

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Too Hot to Handle has become Netflix’s newest hit reality TV show. A reality show that makes it costly to get physical. The show puts $100,000 cash prize on the line. The series dropped on Friday, and a mysterious Lana/Alexa type device gives them the run down.

Too Hot to Handle offers players a shot at $100,000

After giving the cast a few short hours to wild out in paradise, Lana hits them with the cold hard truth, that this isn’t actually a show for partying around and having meaningless fun. Instead, the challenge is to abstain from kissing, heavy petting and all kinds of “self-gratification.” If they can resist the urge to play, they may end up heading home with love and money. But if they don’t, they could get sent packing.

Lana is the all-seeing eye, with several devices hooked up around the beach and in the living arrangements – keeping an eye on the crew. She records everyone that breaks a rule. At certain times she assembles the whole cast for an announcement, and tells them how much money the group has lost. However, she doesn’t say who’s responsible.

Contestants might have a chance at winning back some money

Contestants have been trying to figure out how much an infraction such as a kiss could cost. Chloe theorizes that a simple peck could cost $10, while David thinks that a roll in the hay could cost $10,000. However, Lana announces the first infraction, a makeout session, cost the group $3,000. Kelz complains saying “That’s like, a week in Dubai,” “A very expensive kiss.” Kelz became a player that fans believed was in it just for the money.

The consequences get worse. After one couple spends a night in a private suite, they end up costing the group $16,000. However, this show is about finding love. Once the couples can prove they’re taking the show seriously, Lana may allow them a free kiss or two. She may even also offer the group a chance to win some of the money back.

When it comes time to select a winner, who will take the prize? If they’ve shown incredible growth, Lana could choose one person to take it all. If a couple has come along way, an even split would make them both winners. And if the whole group has seriously improved, could they share the bounty?

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