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Duggar Fans Discourage Jessa’s Haircut Tutorials As She’s ‘Not A Certified Hair Dresser’

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Jessa Seewald has been sharing haircut tutorials on YouTube. She cuts her sons’ hair and her husband’s hair. Jessa says that she even cut her brothers’ hair growing up. So, she’s been doing this for a while now. She’s gotten a mixed response from Duggar fans though. Some love the tutorials, especially since they can’t go out to get haircuts right now. Others think she shouldn’t be sharing haircutting advice.

On Thursday, Jessa shared that she gave her boys a haircut. Spurgeon is four and Henry is three. In the post, she shared before and after photos. She also directed her Instagram followers to her YouTube channel so they can watch the videos. She also encourages her followers not to be intimidated.

Duggar fans think Jessa should stop sharing haircutting advice

In response to the new post, some fans are saying that Jessa shouldn’t be sharing haircut advice. In the past, they have questioned the haircuts she gives her sons. This time, a few of her followers pointed out that Jessa isn’t a licensed hairdresser. So, they feel that she shouldn’t be sharing this kind of advice.

Someone wrote, “Please don’t put tutorials up your not a certified hair dresser. We pay money to learn how to do this properly and get a licence. This is not an easy thing to do properly so please don’t tell people it is your not certified or skilled to make that claim. Many things could go wrong.

One fan poked fun at those getting mad over Jessa sharing haircutting advice. The fan said, “Let me just show you how to start an IV… Im not a nurse but it’s super easy.” They cleared up their comment and explained that it was a joke because haircutting is much simpler than giving an IV. Plus, there are obviously different risks.

Some fans thank Jessa for her videos

Parents are especially loving Jessa’s videos right now. No one can go out to get haircuts, so they’re left to do at-home haircuts. Using Jessa’s videos can help them to have some idea of what they’re doing. Duggar fans are thanking her for sharing the tips. They’re also asking follow-up questions in the comments for extra help. Jessa seems happy to help.

In the past, fans have encouraged Jessa to go to cosmetology school. It’s unclear whether that will happen, but she’s definitely interested in cutting hair. And, her followers think that she does a great job. Some said that the boys’ hair looks so good that they never would have guessed that she cuts their hair herself.

So, what do you think of Jessa’s videos? Do you think she should be giving haircutting advice? Share your thoughts below.

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