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‘RHOBH’ Premiere: Brandi Glanville Joins Fans Who Criticize Denise Richards Over Waiter Mistreatment

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RHOBH fans know that Brandi Glanville gets flack from her former co-stars, and fans. Sometimes she gets it as she’s occasionally a bit too subtle and people miss her self-deprecating humor. But, she gives as good as she gets. And this time, she slapped at Denise Richards over the way she mistreated a waiter in the premiere. Actually, loads of fans also slammed her for that.

RHOBH – Denise Richards gets worked up over the wrong tequila drink

Like other fans of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills, the show’s alum watched the premiere this week. During the show, fans saw Denise freak out as she felt the waiter brought her the wrong drink. She made a huge fuss about it. On her Twitter, she told fans, “I was all fired up before my tequila was delivered. I felt terrible and apologized to the waiter 🙏🏻.” She then added,  “But I do know my tequila #RHOBH.” Later in the comments, she noted that people shouldn’t forget the editing.

But fans don’t see the apology bit. And, quite often, people miss the finer points of both shows like RHOBH, and in tweeting. A perfect example of that involved Brandi Glanville earlier this week. TV Shows Ace reported that Brandi got slammed after some fans didn’t read her full tweet. She wrote about a pedicure, complaining about how the person who did hers really wasn’t up to scratch. Fans flocked to slam her for worrying about her pedicure during the coronavirus. Lots of others grew all heated about her going out during social distancing. But they didn’t read all the tweets where she laughed as she did her own pedicure and made a mess of it.

Unforgiving, editing or not, Brandi slams Denise for waiter treatment

Edited or not, with Brandi not on the show right now, she can’t see what goes on behind the scenes any more than ordinary fans of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills. She shared her feelings about the scene where Denise made such a drama over the wrong drink. Brandi, who once waited tables told her, “I’m sorry but their is a way to say to your waiter…that you think your drink might be wrong without being a complete bitch!! (SIC).” Not done yet, Brandi also said, “I judge people by the way they treat others.”

In fact, lots of fans agreed with Brandi. One follower wrote, “You’re horrible for treating other i. Such a way. They’re serving you with all respect and you come out dirty and mean. Don’t treat lower class like trash, (SIC).” But other RHOBH fans defended Denise. Although they never heard the apology, people felt relieved to hear she said sorry. One fan noted, “I bartended for years in NY; you were tame! He got your order wrong and then proceeded to mansplain to you… gfoh! Get me the reposado toots! Snap snap.”

Brandi won’t let up, slams Denise’s fan who slapped at her

US Weekly noted the exchange of tweets. Some fans started talking about the time Brandi and Denise allegedly made out. Brandi came back at that saying she never loved Denise, ever. It came after one RHOBH follower wrote, “I think @BrandiGlanville would do anything to get on TV even if that is pretending to be in love.”

After the exchange, Brandi backtracked a bit. She said the shows still just “entertainment,” and there’s bigger things in life. So she took herself off Twitter for the night.

What do you think about Brandi’s take on Denise’s behavior with the waiter? Do you agree with Brandi? Or do you think that if Bravo showed the apology, it would have made things better? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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