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’90 Day Fiance’: Alleged Food and Nutrition Scientist Trolls On Deavan Clegg For Drinking A Smoothie

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90 Day Fiance fans sometimes troll on Deavan Clegg and recently, they even trolled on her mom. But many fans seemed a bit shattered when she shared a picture of a yummy looking smoothie. Someone actually trolled on her heavily. The troll called themselves a “Food and Nutrition Scientist.” So, we checked it out. Are smoothies are really that bad?

90 Day Fiance – Deavan Dlegg shares photo of a smoothie, Food and Nutrition scientist trolls her

Deavan Clegg seldom lashes out at people. But she did bite back at fans who recently trolled on her mom. TV Shows Ace reported that came after she shared about an abusive relationship. While some fans loved that she bravely shared her story for awareness, others sent her mom nasty messages. Deavan told them off in strong words.

Now, it seems that someone else also feels that Deavan’s fair game for trolling because she appeared on 90 Day Fiance. The person felt angry about a photo she shared. It showed a smoothie she made. And, the drink looked delicious. Not content with that, she also told one of Deavan’s defenders that she’s “not very smart unfortunately.” Many fans slapped back at the troll, although Deavan didn’t get vicious with them.

Deavan trolled for a smoothie, fans slap back

Deavan accompanied her picture of a smoothie with a short caption. She wrote, “Day 2. Been making different types of smoothies to clean my body.” Straight away, someone commented, “Why does this clean your body? I’m a food and nutrition scientist and this diesnt check out, (sic).” When a fan suggested that Deavan meant “cleanse not clean,” the troll slapped at her. They said the fan’s not “not very smart.”And, they didn’t like being attacked for that either.

Next, 90 Day Fiance star Deavan asked, “do you have a problem with me drinking fruit smoothies for my health?” The troll came at her on that. They wrote, “chewing fruit and vegetables has infinitely more health benefits…you shouldn’t mislead people who arent smart enough to know better, (sic).” Then they also added, “smoothies dont clean your body. Learn some science then apply it, (sic).”

Other fans rushed in to defend Deavan. The troll turned on them with smart answers that seemed harsh and demeaning. One of those defenders noted, “I fail to see how Deavan is ‘misleading’ anyone.” They also noted, “clearly she isn’t pushing a product, offering advice, or trying to sell something.”

90 day fiance Troll about smoothies
Image credit – Deavan Clegg | Instagram

Are smoothies actually bad for you?

Trolling’s bad for people, everyone knows that. It causes all sorts of pressure, depression, and can even lead to suicide. So, obviously, Deavan’s mental health’s not uppermost in this “nutrition scientist’s” mind. But is a smoothie so bad that she deserved a stern telling off? Looking into it, we found conflicting ideas on that. swansonvitamins.com carries a number of “detox” smoothie recipes. They suggest “Detoxifying is an important part of overall wellness.” They also list the benefits of immunity and other pluses.

Maybe the 90 Day Fiance star hoped to “maintain [a] better digestive [system], boost energy,” or “promote healthy hair and skin.” Meanwhile, Healthline reminds readers that some smoothies are good nutrient sources. However, they caution against using excessive sugars to sweeten smoothies. Well, Deavan never said what she put in her smoothie, so, we don’t know if she added sugar. But,  Seattlerefined noted, that their nutritionist suggested they might lead to bad eating habits despite them being full of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

It seems that some people hold one idea, and others, something different. But, do you think this gives someone the right to troll on Deavan Clegg for enjoying a smoothie? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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