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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Says Zoey Inspires Her With Her Meditation

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The Little Couple, like many people in the USA, practice social-distancing. Zoey and Will learn from home. They also spend more time with their parents. Now, Jen Arnold says that Zoey’s doing great taking time-out. She does her meditation, and it inspires her mom. Cute little Zoey meditated with their little dog.

The Little Couple – Zoey meditated with her pup, inspired Jen Arnold

Jen shared a cute picture of Zoey sitting in her mediation pose with their little dog on her lap. She captioned it with, “Zoey often inspires me… take a moment to just be.” Then, she wrote, “Don’t know whether to call this puppy or child meditation?” But she thinks that “Either way, meditation and mindfulness can help us deal with this uncertain and challenging time.” Actually, it’s interesting to see on Google, that many people search for yoga and that sort of thing for kids. As she already knows meditation, it looks like Zoey’s a step ahead with her mindfulness.

The Little Couple fans responded to the post, and many of them hope to learn meditation. One fan asked if she uses any specific “meditation App.” Others love that people can actually learn from their kids. One follower noted, “Absolutely love this thank you so much for sharing @jenarnoldmd. Thank God for children who can teach us something no matter how old we get. Inspiring indeed. ❤🙏.” Another one commented, “look how cute this is! We should take this and practice it!”

Where can kids learn about meditation, what are the benefits?

With so many fans showing an interest in learning meditation, and their kids as well, we went and looked for that availability. Firstly, there seem to be plenty of benefits to it. reported that “long-term [stress] effects can be detrimental to our physical and mental health.” And, right now, the media covers the stress caused by the coronavirus as lives become turned upside down. The outlet notes that “anyone can meditate.” So, where to go and learn more?

The Little Couple fans hope for easy Apps. Luckily, The Oprah Magazine published an article recommending the top 10 of those available. While most of them require payment and subscription, they recommend this might be a great time to learn as most of them come with a free trial period. Next, we looked at YouTube, and a surprising number of channels cover meditation techniques. One verified channel, Cosmic Kids Yoga, shows videos specifically for kids who wish to learn mindfulness and yoga. Not restricted to meditation, they teach kids like Zoey from The Little Couple, a bit more about the concept.


From 5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere to live adult meditation with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, you’ll find, lots of info on YouTube.

What did you think of the post by Jen Arnold showing Zoey meditating? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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