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Kourtney Kardashian Comments On Kim Kardashian’s Hair Photo

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Kim Kardashian was rocking some interesting hair while she was in seventh grade. Now, her older sister is revealing just how she got those orange streaks.

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First, Kim Kardashian has been going crazy on Instagram with all sorts of through back photos. Apparently, like the rest of us, she has been bored inside and going through photos is how she has been passing the time. However, one is standing out more than the rest. According to People the photo is of her in seventh grade.

Her hair is normally nearly black, however in this photo, it is more of a brown-orange. Back in those days, she didn’t have a hairstylist doing her hair. Her older sister, Kourtney, revealed just how she got that color that morning.

“You put cream bleach on your hand and ran it through your hair the day before school started for that cool orange streak 🧡😬,” she commented on the post.

We can only imagine how Kris Jenner felt seeing her daughter’s school photos come back like that. Of course, Kris has always seemed like a cool mom. It just seems like maybe she would’ve taken her to a hair salon to get her hair done for photos? But who knows it was years ago.

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7th grade coolness

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What else is she doing?

Photo hunting isn’t the only thing Kim K. is doing while she’s stuck inside. The other day she took to Instagram live to show how she’s been doing her makeup. Leave it to Kim to do her makeup even when she will see no one.

Her makeup routine was actually pretty easy and used a lot of the KKW beauty products as well as a few other ones. The kicker though? Her kids wouldn’t leave her alone. You could see her frustration build as North came in over and over again. We can only imagine how she (and all the other moms out there) feels with having so many young ones in the house.

At least she has her throwback pictures to look at. Not to mention her huge house with a pool.

What did you think of Kim’s seventh-grade hairstyle? Let us know in the comments if you loved it or hated it. Or, if you could relate to some hair mishaps of your teenage years.

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