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’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Want A Book From Geoffrey Paschel As He Described His First Jail Term For Drugs

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90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey Paschel got a lot of haters right from the start of his season in Before The 90 Days. He came with a criminal past and allegations of physical abuse. However, he gained a surprising number of fans who see he tries to change his life. Not yet convicted for abuse, he talks about his arrest for dealing drugs and his first time in jail. Now, fans think he writes so well that he should start a book.

90 Day Fiance fans know Geoffrey didn’t tell Varya he did time in jail

TV Shows Ace reported that fans already called for a petition to remove him from the show. But, Geoffrey later spoke about his criminal side and his motivation for going on the TLC show. He issued a statement on his Instagram. He said, that he knew people would try and “pick apart” his life. However, “It is MY past. It is MY life…[and] MY choice.” Geoffrey feels that everyone being the same simply sounds “lame.”

Since then, fans saw on a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, that Geoffrey never mentioned his criminal past or the fact he spent time in jail, to Varya. In case you don’t know, Geoffrey and Varya conduct a long-distance relationship. She lives in Russia, and Geoffrey worried that she’d reject him when she found out. On his way to meet her, that concerned him very much. The Blast reminds readers that Geoffrey worried about telling her “he started dealing drugs at a young age and was eventually caught and sentenced to 30 months in prison.”

Geoffrey reveals a personal look at being jailed at the age of 19, fans want a book

Geoffrey started writing lengthy Instagram posts and the latest one described how it felt going to jail. The lengthy post actually seems so well-written that some fans think he really should write a book. He talked a bit about regretting not being honest with Varya. Next, he picked up the story when he last saw his girlfriend after his conviction. But, he got swiftly bundled away to a future that sounded scary. He described how the guard told him things would get worse. The guard actually used the words, “You’re f**ked.”

Next, the 90 Day Fiance star took his fans with his prose into the cell that he experienced on his first day. He wrote, “The smell was that of sweat, body odor, & musty piss, & I knew this was going to be ‘my smell’ for as long as I was here.” Notably, he described the feelings of insecurity as he went into an unknown and tough environment, just hours after tasting his last moments of freedom. Those fans who put aside their hate for his past mistakes actually feel like he delivered a talented way with words.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance fans urge Geoffrey to write a book

These days, with a story to tell, and a way with words, Amazon makes self-publishing relatively easy. In fact, they “auto-generate an ISBN number for…print book and an ASIN number for…digital book.” Crossman Communications explains they “even register [with] Bowker and…booksinprint.com and…generate the…EAN barcode for the back of…[the] printed book.” After reading the caption, fans simply want a book from Geoffrey.

The 90 Day Fiance star accumulated nearly 33k followers. Even if only 30% of them buy his books, that’s not a bad number of sales for a first-timer. One fan said, “Wow wow wow… 🙏😭… you should seriously write a book 📚!!” Other people noted his story brings a message to young people. One follower felt Geoffrey’s talent was good enough to take them into that prison with him.

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Prison Story Time I am going to try making a weekly post telling my story—maybe it will change some paths in life. My specific path sucked & I only want to share so people who are in similar shoes can at least attempt to make a change. As seen on tonight’s episode, I didn’t share it w/Varya. I am not proud of the experience & I have always hidden from it. . I was handed down my sentence & I was immediately cuffed & shackled. They yanked me away as I was asking to hug my significant other goodbye. I was whisked through a back door, thrown into a van, & carted off. I turned around & looked out the back window & saw my ex chasing after the van, crying & screaming for me. It was a very surreal moment. This was the beginning of the next couple of years; I was going to be locked away. . During the ride, I looked down at myself & realized I was roughly 130 or so pounds of nothing & I had no idea what I was getting into. I tried to look out the window & enjoy the last bit of being on the “outside”, but I kept dwelling on the feeling that I was going to be in trouble when I got to my destination. It was then that I asked one of the guards if I was going to be ok. I will never forget him looking back at me, smiling, & muttering, “You’re fucked.”. . It was time to swallow my pride & put on my game face. I was this very scared 20 something year-old kid taking on this very fake & newly-acquired fearless persona in order to make it…successfully. We rode for a couple of hours & finally made it to my first destination. My new home for a bit… . We pulled up & I was jerked from the van. After all the monotonous BULLSHIT of intake, I was told to grab a mattress & a toiletry bag. Next, they guided me through numerous locked doors until I arrived at my “pod”. They opened the last door to my first taste of confinement… . The smell was that of sweat, body odor, & musty piss, & I knew this was going to be "my smell" for as long as I was here. I scanned my options for where to throw my mat & settled for a top bunk against a wall so I would have at least one side protected. As I lay down & tried to close my eyes, I hoped that I would wake up & realize this was all a terrible dream…

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What do you think about Geoffrey’s blog? Do you think his story would do well in a book? If he wrote one, would you buy it? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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