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‘7 Little Johnstons’: Fans Wish They Could Live With Trent, They Go Fishing In Their Backyard During COVID-19

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7 Little Johnstons’ dad, Trent shared a photo of himself out fishing with Jonah. Fans grew so envious when he told them the fishing spot’s in their backyard in Georgia. Actually, given the lack of places to go and things to do during the COVID-19 epidemic some of them wished they could live with Trent. Meanwhile, others seemed happy that Jonah and his dad seem in a good place right now. Bear in mind, Trent seemed disappointed in Jonah’s college grades on the show.

7 Little Johnstons – lucky little people with a fishing spot in their own backyard

Imagine, as many people actually do, living in an apartment with kids and no place to go during the social distancing efforts in the USA. Across the world, young teens chafe at confinement. But for Trent and his family, they go fishing. And, they don’t even break any rules as the fishing spot’s right in their own backyard. On Saturday, Trent shared a photo of the river, the fishing pole, and himself with Jonah.

On his Instagram, the 7 Little Johnstons‘ dad wrote, “Dad and his right hand man!” One of the first things that arose in the comments regarded Trent and Jonah seemingly in a good place. TV Shows Ace reported that Trent seemed particularly unhappy with Jonah’s grades at college. In fact, he said to Jonah that ‘“procrastination and laziness” now set the tone for the “rest of his life.”‘ The difficult moment rang a bell with many parents who watch their own kids struggle with grades in college. One person wrote, “I was in tears because I could relate to both you guys as parents and to Jonah because I’ve been in those shoes too.”

Fishing fans wish they could live with Trent

Trent confessed that fishing spot’s in their back yard when a fan commented about her husband. They live in Rhode Island, but he can’t fish every day. They explained that he only fishes every second day as, “our last name begins with a B.” They asked Trent, “Can you fish every day?” Well, it turns out Trent won’t break any rules at all. He replied, “This is our back yard. We are fortunate to fish every day.” Well, loads of fans wished they could live with Trent, as they love the show, and double-bonus, they go fishing every day!

One 7 Little Johnstons fan wrote, “Wish I could be there with you! It’s super boring up here.” Another one noted, “Love love love 💕 fishing enjoy guys.” Others talked about the technicalities of fishing and a few fans asked what species they catch. Others regret leaving the south and moving to the colder climate north of Georgia. Probably, after the COVID pandemic ends, they’ll go back there just for old times sake and throw a line in the water.

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Dad and his right hand man!

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What do you think about Trent and his family fishing from their own backyard? Do you agree they seem very lucky? Do you wish you could live with them for a bit? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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