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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Arrested Again: Third Time In Six Months

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Former Deadliest Catch star Jerod Sechrist is back in the news. He has been arrested three times in six months. What do we know about this latest arrest?

Former Deadliest Catch Star Jerod Sechrist Arrested Again

On Saturday, TMZ reported that former Deadliest Catch star Jerod Sechrist has been arrested, once again. The Tampa resident is in a heap of trouble. He had two outstanding felony warrants for grand theft. Both are separate circumstances.

According to the police, the first incident had to do with a former roommate. Sechrist had stolen some silver, collectible coins and a Rolex. Allegedly, Sechrist took the items to a pawn shop.

The second incident was from a Home Depot. Jerod Sechrist brought a bucket into the store. He then filled it with $800 worth of tools. Sechrist tried to leave the store with his valuable booty, but a security guard stopped him. Police claim that Jerod dropped the bucket and fled the shop.

Times have been tough for this former reality star. As TV Shows Ace previous reported, Jerod was a former deckhand on Wild Bill’s former crab boat, the Cape Caution. Sechrist only survived three episodes before Wichrowski sent him packing. Deadliest Catch fans will always remember Sechrist. He was the deckhand who could not distinguish between male and female crabs. Most importantly, refineries fine a lot of money if boats bring in females.

Now, it seems that Sechrist is battling drug addiction. At the time of his arrest, he asked asked for treatment for drug addiction. These robberies and two others from the past six months, all stem from his addiction to drugs.


Jerod Sechrist Arrested Two Other Times

Times have been tough on the former reality star. In November, Sechrist was arrested at Ikea. He stole over $1,000 worth of merchandise. This particular Ikea was only a five minute drive from his residence. Police did not share what items Jerod Sechrist stole.

In October, TV Shows Ace reported that Sechrist had a drug arrest. This was a misdemeanor drug charge. In this case, this was for drug paraphernalia. This was a felony drug charge. He was charged for possession of heroin. Because of reckless driving, the police stopped his car. Then, they discovered the clear plastic bag with a white substance. Subsequently, it tested positive for heroin.

All of these arrests are likely due to his heroin addiction.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for all the latest Deadliest Catch news. Lastly, Deadliest Catch Season 16 and the new Captain Phil-related story, Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, starts on Tuesday, April 14, on Discovery.

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