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‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’: Chris Harrison Explains How The Show Will Work?

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It’s almost time to check out the newest show in The Bachelor franchise. Not sure what to expect? Let’s look and find out what fans will be seeing when The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart premieres Monday night. While everyone is mourning the fact The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise are currently in question, fans can enjoy host Chris Harrison. He will be leading the contestants on this musical journey hoping they find love.

Fans will still see Bachelor host Chris Harrison every Monday night

Fans may not be seeing Clare Crawley for awhile, but they will see Chris. He will be hosting the newest show starting April 13. The show will be made up of twenty contestants living together in a Bachelor mansion. They are all musicians and they are all looking for love. The show has been described as Bachelor in Paradise meets A Star is Born. 

The contestants will be going on musically themed dates for six weeks. E! News shared details straight from Chris about what to expect come Monday night. He said,  “I think you can describe it as Bachelor in Paradise meets A Star Is Born. If you’re a fan of The Bachelor you will sense that familiarity. You’re gonna think, oh, okay, this feels right. It feels familiar. But then at the same time, it feels fresh. It feels different. It has this kind of eccentric musical twist to it that feels really good, so it’s kind of the best of both worlds.”

Are the musicians there for the right reasons?

He was asked if the contestants were there for the right reasons. He was also asked about Jed Wyatt joining the cast. Chris said the following, “Well, it took the pressure out of that. We were very careful when we started the show. A lesson that we learned a long time ago is that what’s most important is the relationship—love, finding love. Diving into that is always paramount, and throughout the entire show, you realize that ultimately is the most important thing. And if you can find music on top of that, that’s a bonus. It will really feel more like a Bachelor show, less of a music competition show for sure.”

Fans also want to know how much the show will actually be like traditional shows such as Bachelor in Paradise. Chris said it does not share the same format as BIP. He explained it by saying, “No, because, you know, there’s only that that level of Paradise rose ceremony in the first couple of episodes because then it does get to the musical performances, and then it’s really up to the panel of judges that are some of the biggest names in show business but also some very familiar Bachelor family names, and they’re the ones that will decide who stays and who goes and a lot of that has to do with the musical talent but just as important, if not more important, is the chemistry and the relationship that you’re showing and displaying on stage.”

Get ready for Listen to Your Heart

Chris also said there will absolutely be fighting over the men and women. Anything can happen and they can get caught up love triangles, squares, etc. He said when he was watching the first episode he was amazed at how easily he got swept into the contestants and their stories.

Unfortunately there will not be traditional villains, however, Chris addressed the question. He said, “Yes and no. I mean, again, it’s not the typical Bachelor/Bachelorette villain, but there are people that will stir the pot and people that change people’s destiny and their way of making it in the music world, and it comes down to these relationships. Do you get out of one relationship and into another because you think you have a better chance of succeeding? So a lot of different questions a lot of different layers that we normally don’t run into on The Bachelor.”

Sounds like an new twist on a fan favorite. And, if you can’t wait to find out how it all ends, Reality Steve has already shared spoilers for the ending. Don’t miss The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart when it premieres Monday night on ABC.

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