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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Geoffrey Paschel Blocked On Instagram Live

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90 Day Fiance fans started complaining about the content that Geffrey Paschel posts on social media. Not long ago, they slammed him for suggesting that hoarding’s a good thing during the coronavirus. On Thursday, he took to his Instagram Stories clutching some of his precious toilet rolls. He suggested a new Live. But, soon after, he announced he got blocked from making Lives. Now, fans speculate on why.

90 Day Fiance – despite uncountable haters, Geoffrey spends lots of time on Instagram

Fans of the TLC show hated Geoffrey Paschel from day one. News emerged that he faced charges of domestic violence. Plus, he came with a string of other run-ins with the law. And, apart from that, he quickly got up the noses of fans for his posts about the coronavirus. Other rumors emerged that he has an acting background, which fans despise. TV Shows Ace reported that fans grow “fed up” with him. Already inundated across social media with haters, he sparked a lot of ire over his coronavirus post.

According to Geoffry, who posed with beer, toilet rolls, and other goodies, he just “poked fun” at the virus. But, many people think that hoarding and laughing about the virus promoted the wrong message. He fueled a lot of anger. They also grow irritated with the 90 Day Fiance star’s penchant for revealing his nipples. They dislike his rather ghastly tattoos.

Actually, he joined in with Big Ed’s shower challenge, so people got rather more than they hoped for. Although he kept intimate bits out the scene. Some fans think those showers he took might account for him blocked from doing Instagram Lives.

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I can’t help but poke a little fun at the chaos that this potential sickness has caused. Hopefully the sickness will pass as fast as it started. I know as a kid, I would be screaming from the mountaintops with joy due to all the school closings. But, then again, all the “fun stuff” is closed too…and so appears the double-edged sword I bring up often. However, this is the chance to get the young ones out in the fresh air so they can begin to have an appreciation for what has always been in front of them, but often times, so far away. . You’re not going to catch this bug from admiring nature or touching a random tree. I like my woods and I like my nature. It is ever evolving and changing, yet it is completely ageless. The monotony of life just fades away and a unique understanding is is gained that the everyday issues are meaningless…completely meaningless. . So, I hope you stocked up on toilet paper, your Lysol, and whatnot and are able to put a positive spin on this craze. Get out and enjoy life! There is no better time than now. Why put off tomorrow what we can do today? Enjoy your corona and stay away from the virus. How are you going to spend this time off? . . . . . #90dayfiance #beforethe90days #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #mountains #home #beard #knoxvilletennessee #knoxville #knoxvilletn #coronavirus #corona #nature #outside #countryboy #fun #parody #dosequis

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Geoffrey blocked on Instagram Live

On Thursday, Geoffry first shared a Story that showed him lying on the floor next to some of his hoarded toilet rolls. It certainly looks like he knows how to press buttons of his haters. On that Story, he wrote, “Live Tonight?” However, not much later, he returned with another story. This time, he wrote, “Instagram is blocking me from going live till the 23rd.” He added that he has “no idea why.” Then, he hoped for a friendly fan to accommodate him.

90 Day Fiance blogger, John Yates, shared the story on his Instagram page. There, fans speculated about why he got blocked. Quite a few of them, including John Yates, suggested that his Live shower might be the reason. One said, “most awkward live ever,” and noted they hated it.  Another one noted, “live from his shower. He added a viewer and [talked] to a guy and his mother while…showering. very weird.” Then, another person added, “I think this is the second time he did a shower live.” They described it as “cringe worthy.”

90 Day Fiance Geoffrey Paschel Live

What do you think about Geoffrey Paschel being blocked from doing Instagram Lives? Do you think it might be due to people complaining about the Live he did in the shower? Sound off in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about the cast of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

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